Pod Panic

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Pod PanicPod PanicPod Panic is the latest game released by Alastair O’Shea.

This little Shooter borrows some elements from classic games like Asteroids, and is a fun and simple arcade game. Control your spaceship with the arrow keys, aim and fire with your mouse and repel everything away by pressing the space bar (but don’t forget that you only have two hands!).

Chase and catch the orange balls to repair your shield and use the “P” power-ups to increase your fire rate. The game ends once your shield is gone.

The game features nice graphics and great animations, is very smooth to play but it can become a bit repetitive after a while.

That being said, Pod Panic is nicely done and addictive enough to keep you hooked 15 minutes or more: that is exactly what we are looking for! Have fun!

Note: if you want to know a bit more about Al O’Shea, I recommend you to read the interview he had last August with Mousebreaker.

By Eric

current rating 3.50


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