Three Safe Escape

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Three Safe EscapeIn Three Safe Room Escape, a new Room Escape game from Gamershood, you find yourself trapped in an unknown room containing not one, not two but three safes, all locked, not to mention the exit door! If you like pixel hunting, you will love this one! Have fun!

Three Safe Escape walkthrough in comment #43 (thanks DaRkMaN and kudos to deadmanrose3!)

By Eric

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44 Comments to Three Safe Escape

  1. kosmogol says:

    first ?

  2. tusa says:

    any ideas on the Codes? I think I saw a 3 above the closet but not sure.

  3. Crool says:

    Got a brush Show

    and got powder on it now (maybe to get cluess)from Show

  4. tusa says:

    found Show

    used it onShow

    then onShow

    code wasShow

    I think.

  5. Crool says:

    Yes it worked on the green locker Show

  6. tusa says:

    Any idea about the TV and the statue in the corner?

  7. Crool says:

    Got with the code Show

  8. Crool says:

    no, turned it on, and can zoom in on statue, but still no cluess.

  9. tusa says:


    on the safe on the couch but it didn’t work.

  10. Crool says:

    found a paper with half numbers Show

  11. tusa says:

    how did you zoom in on the statue? I can’t.

  12. fiddle and herman says:

    found Show

  13. Crool says:

    and some “wood” don’t know what it is, under the Show

  14. Crool says:

    a gold no wood, thx fiddle

    Tusa, on the right part a little bit behind the state on the floor

  15. Urbek says:

    Found something:

  16. Crool says:

    smash gold/wood to the head of statue got new number Show

  17. Crool says:

    hahaha, we al 3 found the same thing and see some whole different item in it, but smash it to the head of the statue ;)

  18. tusa says:

    thanx Crool. I see it but can’t do anything. Some gray line haging down but don’t know what to do.

  19. Urbek says:

    code for 2nd safe:


  20. tusa says:

    Got the couch safe open!

  21. fiddle and herman says:

    that piece of paper Show

  22. Crool says:

    @Urbek, where or how did you get that code?

  23. Urbek says:

    I think that the 4rd number for the 3rd safe begins with:

  24. Urbek says:


  25. Crool says:

    @fiddle, that will be great, let’s try!

  26. Urbek says:

    doesn’t work for me

  27. Crool says:

    Urbek, thx. Stupid of me, was thinking that way, because of the war on the tv, but that was with the green safe before I figured that one out, hahaha. thx!!

  28. Crool says:

    my numbers Show

  29. Urbek says:

    Same nubers here.

  30. tusa says:

    got all the numbers, but can only gt the 1st two to “click” when I turn the dial.

  31. Crool says:

    out, THX FIDDLE it was arabian 40!!!

  32. tusa says:

    I got the same as Crool and Urbek

  33. fiddle and herman says:

    yes out!

  34. tusa says:

    @Crool, how many times do you have to turn the dial after the first 2 numbers?

  35. Crool says:

    To get out, just turn the wheel around in the order the numbers are in your inventory. Every number has to click, otherwise just move it a little bit. The last number is 40, see comment #21 thx to fiddle

  36. Urbek says:

    I guess I’m doing something wrong.

  37. tusa says:

    nvm- I got it. Out!

  38. Urbek says:

    Ok, previously didn’t hear clicks. THX

  39. tusa says:

    Urbek, don’t worry about going past numbers like on a regular combination, just go to the number.

  40. Crool says:

    tussa, just turn around in the way the clock goes, to Show

  41. Crool says:

    Nice game again, thx all for playing and for the help.

  42. DaRkMaN says:

    got out nice game

  43. DaRkMaN says:

    walkthrough from eg24 if any 1 will need this

    thanks deadmanrose3


  44. vanni ogg says:

    couldn’t have done it without a walkthrough. thanx!