Rodent Tree Jump

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Rodent Tree JumpRodent Tree JumpRodent Tree Jump is a new game developed by Martijn Kunst. Released last Friday at Bubblebox, Martjin’s games portal, the object here is simply to hurl your little squirrel through the air and make it land as close as possible to the target sign.

Defeat the other squirrels in a three-round competition, and progress through five different leagues to be able to compete against and hopefully defeat the squirrels King!

The gameplay of this game borrows elements from Base Jumping (4 competitors in five different leagues for the King title) and from Savages (the aiming process), two other games developed previously by the author.

If the final result is not truly innovative and if the gameplay is a bit repetitive after a while, Rodent Tree Jump is fun to play, easy to get into and challenging. With its very good graphics and animations, Rodent Tree Jump really deserves a try.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.00


2 Comments to Rodent Tree Jump

  1. Arseniy says:

    I don’t like such a games. well made just not in my taste.

  2. Nobody says:

    Agreed. Martijn Kunst should just not bother. What kind of name is Martijn Kunst anyway?