Neon II

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Neon IINeon IIRemember Neon, the beautiful retro, mouse controlled adaptation of Asteroids, developed by Ben Fox and Ali Maunder of Var Studios last July? Well, the good news is that they just released today a sequel to this game, Neon II!

With a scrolling playfield and no more waves like in the original one, Neon II has a lot of new features such as the use of the control key to stop your spaceship when you fire, which is a very helpful addition, especially for new players.

Smart Bombs are now available (you know, the ones that destroy all enemies on the screen) : just press the shift key to use them when needed, but check first that your Bomb blue bar is full (located at the bottom left corner of the game window).

Neon II allows you to combine primary and secondary weapons, and you will probably appreciate the brand new rear cannon, very helpful with chasing enemies.

Power-ups for primary weapons are now permanent, even if your spaceship is destroyed. Finally, the game features several new types of enemies, each one with its own characteristics.

All in all, Neon II is not better or worse than the original: it’s just… a different experience! The sequel is faster and more sophisticated than the original, but needs more practice to get used to the controls. A new must-try for any arcade games lovers!

Have fun!

By Eric

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  1. Arseniy says:

    This is cool game. Seems like remaking old games make good affect to flash games!