Jack and the Beanstalk 2

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Jack and the Beanstalk 2Jack and the Beanstalk 2Here is your weekly Minoto’s Point’n’Click Adventure game! Today, Jack and the Beanstalk 2!

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Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to Jack and the Beanstalk 2

  1. hootie says:


  2. hootie says:


  3. susana says:

    funny end !

  4. jojo says:

    easy sweet game

  5. Tom says:

    Where’s the walkthorugh?

    Just joking, already done.

    Easy game, different going up & down beanstalk.

  6. Smurfette says:

    I thought this was kinda funny:

    The giant went to another place.

  7. Reesa says:


  8. BoomBoxer says:

    weird that i cant release the bird wit the saw. lol

  9. Lauren says:

    For those that are stuck…

    There are three parts of the beanstalk, so I will call them ground, middle, top.

    Ground Show

    Middle Show

    Ground Show

    Middle Show

    Top Show

    Ground Show

    Middle Show

    Ground Show

  10. laughingpoodle says:


  11. Toxic says:

    Kung Fu Panda! XD

  12. daestarr says:

    so i guess I’m not the only one who noticed the little games are always linked to some kid’s movie or cartoon. I noticed Kung Fu Panda, Popeye, and Alice in Wonderland, in seperate games

  13. Hokubella says:

    zhat was shorter zhan most of minoto’s zhfabulous works

  14. acidbaby says:

    i´ve already done…
    but how can i get the second end?
    i could only get one of the two endings.

    sorry for my bad english :-(

    and for the germans under us:

    ich hab´s durchgespielt…recht kurz und wie immer easy und süß.
    aber ich hab keine ahnung wie ich das 2. ende erspielen kann.
    hab nur die panda-version rausbekommen.

  15. Kayla says:

    wheres the other ending :( anyone?

  16. Skiba says:

    It says one method of one. There isn’t another.