Lumix World Golf

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Lumix World GolfLumix World GolfLumix World Golf is a very nice 3D golfing advergame developed by Inbox Digital for Panasonic Lumix camera.

Can you hit the ball just right to get all holes in 1?

Use the mouse to point and make click to hit the ball.

You can drag the mouse over the ground of the game to change perspective.

Have fun !

By Eric

current rating 3.00


3 Comments to Lumix World Golf

  1. marije says:

    I think this game is very nice and i’m the first!!

  2. LittleKatie2 says:

    Nice game to play but just slow on my computer because of all the graphics…i was doing good until about halfway through and went downhill from there…my final score was +19…it started off negative lol

  3. Katt says:

    pretty fun=)
    wayyy more than real golf!
    for some reason, the left and right arrow controls felt…off. they kept rotating the opposite way i expected them to…something to do with counter- and clockwise. =/ other than that, i really enjoyed it!