Biology Lab Escape

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Biology La EscapeBiology La EscapeBiology Lab Escape is the 37th Room Escape game from 123Bee.

“You are locked up in a biology lab due to your poor performance in the practical assessment. Escape from this place by using the objects present in the lab.”

I don’t know where the the action takes place, but I wouldn’t recommend this school to no one!

Have fun!

Update: Biology Lab Escape walkthrough in comment #18 (thanks Crool!)

By Eric

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36 Comments to Biology Lab Escape

  1. Totenkopf says:

    usually I don’t find anything…instead this time a lot of things!!!! anyway I don’t know how to use them :-(
    any idea what is the answer for pc that ask me “what you have been doing here”?

  2. anonymouse says:

    you can set some of the stuff on the table

  3. Totenkopf says:

    Microscope in safe

  4. JC says:

    I’m at the same place…stuck with :


  5. perito says:

    you can put a slide in microscope, bau for what?

  6. perito says:

    any progress with the computer?

  7. perito says:

    one slide have the scratch

  8. Jessie says:

    I’ve got Show

  9. cyn says:

    I’m stuck at the same as everyone else.. I cant find what to write on the PC

  10. sherrlov says:

    type in Show

    I haven’t found the answer yet/

  11. Crool says:

    Out! very easy;)

  12. Crool says:

    What to do with all the items Show

  13. Crool says:

    If you need more help, I’ll check here again ;)

  14. edgar says:

    for the pc the code is the same for the microscope 23101. the microscope is inside the cupboard with the safe lock.

  15. Crool says:

    Don’t know if everybody gets the same questions, you can only answer them on the pc, if you already did where is asking about

  16. Crool says:

    oh forgot one answer for the pc: Show

  17. Crool says:

    Take the Show

    Than take microscope Show

    #12: What to do with all the itemsShow

    #15+16 Answers for the pc:

  18. edgar says:

    the first answer for computer is: experiment.

  19. edgar says:

    the third answer: Show

    thanks crool for the second answer. i didn’t think to structure…

  20. Lauren says:

    After you perform the experiment, how do you put samples on the slides for viewing?

  21. Crool says:

    @Lauren, you don’t need to, they are already on the slides, only at the 4th

  22. Crool says:

    @edgar, The picture shows it, so that’s how I find it ;)

  23. vanni ogg says:

    what am I doing wrong? I put in “experiment” for the 1st question, the monitor turns red and nothing else happens

  24. Crool says:

    @vanni ogg, see walkthrough, you can only answer the question on the monitor if you did the things asking in the questions.
    So for you can answer: experiment, you have to do the experiment first Show

  25. Crool says:

    Eric: Walkthrough is in comment #18 not #17 ;) hihi

  26. payton says:

    i need help with this question it said what you have been doing here? and i do not know the answer to it

  27. Crool says:

    @payton, you have to do Show

    • anonymous says:

      @ crool

      I did the experiment before typing the words, but the monitor still turns red when i try to move on. why?

  28. Naaaaaaaaasje says:

    how do I know what code to enter?

  29. Heather says:


  30. Angel says:

    I did the experiment and then I typed in experiment into the computer but it keeps turning red. What am I doing wrong?

  31. hilman says:


  32. dede says:




  33. laaura says:

    when the computers asking me ‘what you have been doing here’, im typing ‘experiment’ but its not letting me past. help?