Pinda Paddo and the Submarine

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Pinda Paddo and the Submarine Pinda Paddo and the Submarine Pinda Paddo and the Submarine cave is the third installment in the Pinda Paddo Adventure series created by Anneke Heerma.

“Paddo and Patty are getting married! During theirhoneymoon, they discover a cave with strange symbols. It leads into a forest here they find stranded space frogs that need their help to get back to their planet. So they have to crack the code to get their spacecraft working again.

Swin the ocean, cross the forest and travel into space with our little hero Pinda Paddo!”

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.33


8 Comments to Pinda Paddo and the Submarine

  1. Muelsch says:

    not really a game and the story isn’t funny :(

  2. hootie says:

    i think my codes were Show

  3. atv says:

    If you want to guess on the codes


  4. jo says:

    Not a game as such, and not overly interesting. And I felt a bit weird about the characters looking like giant phallus!

  5. Raf says:

    I don’t like it that much!

  6. Delilah says:

    the characters aren’t so much ‘giant phallus’s’ as . . .

    To learn more about ALL the adventures of these adorable little Show

    To learn more about Show

    Note: Show

    I’m SO HAPPY to see another game released by this Author. She is SO (MULTI-)TALENTED and btw, she creates the entire game(s) herself – including the music. Thanx and kudo’s, Anneke Heerma!

  7. jack says:

    @jo II
    HINT: Pinda Paddo is NOT a “giant phallus” . . . lol!

    If you click the link at the top of the page, provided by Eric
    (re. Anneke Heerma’s name,
    in the game description)
    you are transported to the game blog.

    The MYSTERY of ‘what’ the game protagonist truly is, is SOLVED thusly as:

    “Pinda Paddo is a

  8. 3d street racing says:

    i like it!