Fishing Girl

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Fishing GirlFishing Girl is a relaxing fishing game by Lunadrift with a hidden plot (save the boy who’s trapped on an island) and two different endings. Click and hold your mouse button to pull back the rod and release to cast; that’s as simple as that! If you like Fishing games, you will love this one! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.60


11 Comments to Fishing Girl

  1. AB says:

    Here goes!

  2. AB says:

    Got the Save the Boy ending. Cute.

  3. atv says:

    They Lived Happy Ever After very Cute

  4. thaitrad says:

    i’m stuck , yes it’s posssible , no more fishes and don’t have yet the legendary rod : ((

  5. Woody says:

    aw that’s cute!

  6. :] says:

    I’ve played twice and gotten both endings :]
    Very cute game, it’s possible don’t worry, you just have to be patient

  7. mee says:


    what did u do to get the other ending?
    I have got the boy ending…

  8. ratchet and clank ROCK34 says:

    catch a bird with a small or medium lure it makes it go farther to get upgrades

  9. ratchet and clank ROCK34 says:

    oh yeah get large and medium lure as soon as possible that also helps :)

  10. SciFiNick says:

    one ending is when u pull the island with the boy, but what’s the second ending?