Ball Revamped IV: The best sequel of Ball Revamped series?

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Ball Revamped IVBall Revamped IV“In April, 2004, John Cooney, author of all the Ball Revamped games, decided to create a physics engine which allowed for falling objects. The engine soon turned into a small game, in which a ball floats down to the bottom of the screen, while avoiding walls and obstacles. The author called it “Ball”, and it was developed into a game. When 50 levels were created, the author decided to publish the game globally on”. Here is how begins the story of the Ball Revamped series in the wikipedia game’s on the series.

The object of the game is to balance a four-color ball and guide it to the exit to complete each level. You control the ball with the arrow keys. There are 100 levels to complete in Ball Revamped IV, and some of them are hard to finish, essentially because the ball is hard to control.

The graphics in this sequel are by far the best of the series and both background and music change every 10 levels. The author also implemented level codes for the first time in the series, so you won’t have to play hundred levels in a row if you want to finish the game!

Some players could find the music a bit annoying after a while: they will just need to pause the game by pressing the ‘p’ key and then turn the sound off.

Overall, Ball Revamped IV is the best sequel of the series, even if the previous episodes are also very exciting to play! The physics and the design are great and the game is highly addictive. And with so many levels to complete, expect around half an hour to end the game.

Have fun!

Note: the full series of Ball Revamped is also available on John’s Cooney website

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  1. Taylor says:

    Will there be a level editor on Ball Revamped V