The Scarlet Room 2

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The Scarlet Room 2The Scarlet Room 2Good news for Room Escape fans:  Gabriel Kindermann aka Gasaki has just released The Scarlet Room 2, a sequel to his first Room Escape game, The Scarlet Room.

After you escape from the Scarlet Room in episode one, “something hit your head hard, and after that… only fragments of memory! Your head hurts a lot, like all your body. But at the same time, you can’t feel your body: you can’t touch anything and feel like flying! You are now in a room in which everything is red, and there is a body lying on a bed…”

According to the stats on the game’s page, The Scarlet Room II is quite challenging: at the time of writing, only a few players (less than 0.3%) have succeeded to escape from this room!

Have fun!

Update: The Scarlet Room 2 walkthrough in comment #39 (thanks DNOMN8R!)

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70 Comments to The Scarlet Room 2

  1. PD says:

    hi! I use the len on the fallen light but i cant see the 4 numbers!!!!! where do i put exaxctly the red len????PLEASE HELP!

  2. Tomka01 says:

    Hi I’m stuck and I’m going crazy please help!:)
    I’ve hit down the lamp with the wreck and I can see the 4 numbers too, but when I try to click them on control panel it says that I’m doing somethg wrong
    what’s the problem?

  3. Tomka01 says:

    oh and anyway I’m following DNOMN8R’s walkthrough and I’m at the 30th point.
    Made that far:D . now I have no clue, appreciate every idea
    thank’s DNOMN8R!;)

  4. PD says:

    Tomka01, i have read somewhere that you have to put the four numbers opposite. (if the nymbers you see are1234, you have to click 4321). Try it….!WHY CANT I SEE NOWHERE THOSE 4 NUMBERS????????

  5. PD says:

    there are no numbers on the fallen lamp!!! PLEASE PLEASE HELP!

  6. PD says:

    i finally saw the 4 NUMBERS ON THE FALLEN LIGHT! (omg the numbers are tiny…i used prinscreen!!)

  7. Adrian Smith says:

    Brilliant stuff!

  8. Tomka01 says:

    Thanks PD I’ve tried your idea but still nothing happens:(
    I also tried to click the numbers in order (like if you see 9586 you click 5689) but no results yet.
    I still look forward to get the solution
    but thanks for the help
    Anyway, have you finished the game yet?;)

  9. Tomka01 says:

    Oh yeah I got it:)
    Write down the numbers and turn them upside down (I got 5869, if you turn it upside down the it’s 6985).dammit:D
    finally finished it
    this game is sick

  10. zonnestraal says:

    Fantastich f*ck*ing game, thanks 2 DNOMN8R and his walktrough.

  11. bob says:

    can you make a video on youtube i wanna see the ending

  12. LittleSunshinexD says:

    These 4 numbers don’t work.. I tried them disordered aswell just as Tomka01… But it does always say ‘The Buttons lighted off. I think I’ve Done sth wrong.’
    Damn… Can anyone help me?? Please!!

  13. woodruf says:

    Help me plz i am stuck on the brain sucking alien things i cant seem to find the right colour combination….. I need help, I know how to find them but cant figure out which of the 3 aliens to enter it in!!!!!!plz reply

    • THE MASTER says:

      lol its one alien and the colours are very similar so blue and purple may get mixed up, red and orange stuff like that just pay very very close attention to the colours

  14. woodruf says:

    Im at the stupid freakin’ clouds and prime numbers thing. CANT BEAT IT. WHAT THE HECK AM I SUPOSSED TO DO???!!!!!!!!!!!!Btw If any1 want’s to know the ending here it is Show

  15. Loren says:

    in which part of the lamp arer the numbers pls help!

  16. Liz says:

    I am so stuck with the 4 numbers I got off the lamp inside with the red lens,and I have put them in all ways,nothing works,please help me???

  17. Liz says:

    Please tell me someone is still playing this game??I need help!!

  18. Mati says:

    AHHHH!!!!!!!!!! The end is just….Ahhhh!!!!!!!So much work :´(