Cottage Escape

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Cottage EscapeCottage EscapeCottage Escape is the 29th Room Escape game from 123Bee.

“After a hectic work schedule, you are getting some holidays to spend time in tranquility.

You are making use of the days and holidaying to the countryside cottage.

While enjoying your holidays you are trapped there. It is not an easy task to escape from this unknown place!”

Have fun!

Update: Cottage Escape walkthrough in comment #59 (thanks Steph!)

Update: Cottage Escape video walkthrough!

By Eric

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60 Comments to Cottage Escape

  1. Maria Ekholm says:

    Thanx jojo… I was to slow with my posting ;)

  2. Gomez0 says:

    Maria Ekholm:

  3. Maddy says:

    where are the ropes that i need to cut??

  4. jojo says:

    Maddy to find the ropes Show

  5. Slerk says:

    I can’t Show

    Please help

  6. jojo says:

    any one wanting a video walkthrough

  7. jojo says:

    Slerk put the cheeseShow

  8. dawn says:

    how do i light rush light?

  9. steph says:

    Cottage Escape Walkthrough