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YagokoroYagokoro is a new Room Escape game that was posted yesterday on several other sites and since then no one was able to escape! The language barrier is a BIG issue here: don’t expect to escape from Yagokoro if you don’t read Japanese. You’ve been forewarned! Have fun!

By Eric

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21 Comments to Yagokoro

  1. elguigui says:

    hey just4fun

  2. jojo says:


  3. Em says:

    gonna try now…

  4. glowgirl says:

    Yay! I actually get to comment on one! So, um, fifth.

  5. brin3m says:

    does anyone know a good japanese translator for firefox?

  6. glowgirl says:

    I have Show

    And I put Show

  7. glowgirl says:

    brin3m – Working on that now :-)

  8. glowgirl says:

    I can’t find anything to translate the java.

  9. glowgirl says:

    The bits of paper Show

  10. glowgirl says:

    The red glasses Show

    Also. I think we need to plant something in the dirt by the bamboo. No idea how.

  11. glowgirl says:

    When you go in the room where there are four doors, you can turn to the side, even though there are no arrows. In one, there is the glowing bamboo stick. In the other, it looks like that odd birdhouse thing with a ball pyramid on top.

  12. Crool says:

    @glowgirl Show

    The new roomShow

    notice the pictures also on the walls of some rooms, they’re hints where you have to do something, even if there are no arrows to go right or left in a room, sometimes you can still click left or right to face another wall with hints or dolls

  13. Crool says:

    sorry for the spoiler, typed spoler instead spoiler :(, please correction

  14. glowgirl says:

    I did something similar, Crool :-\

    So. Took a break. Ate some food. Figured out a good bit. I am missing only one doll. I have one locked cabinet that I have no idea how to figure open.

  15. glowgirl says:

    Nevermind. It’s been opened already…

    In the yellow room, after the clock puzzle, what do you do with the Show

    Also. I sill have that pinkish smeared paper.

  16. glowgirl says:

    I made Show

  17. glowgirl says:

    oops. messed up the spoiler.

    So. I found Show

    and it gave me Show

    Not sure what to do with this…

  18. glowgirl says:

    I’m out!! *phew*

    That was a crazy game. I am glad to be done. I will go back later and make a walkthrough.

  19. Crool says:

    @glowgirl, sorry that I didn’t help, I see your comment now, I wasn’t online anymore, but you figured it out already, was realy a hard one this game ;) Wasn’t it? ;)

  20. Xan says: