10 Gnomes, part 11: The Remains

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10 Gnomes 1110 Gnomes 1110 Gnomes, part 11: The Remains is the eleventh episode in the 10 Gnomes series created by Mateusz Skutnik.

“You have 10 minutes to find 10 Gnomes – navigate via the normal point and click manner.”

10 Gnomes is a full year project, 12 games in 2008.

Oh, and this one is much harder than the previous ones…

Have fun!

By Eric

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6 Comments to 10 Gnomes, part 11: The Remains

  1. tessa_stone says:


  2. Serenity says:

    second :P First time ever!

  3. Reka says:

    Eric, why do you think this one is much harder than the others?

    I found 8 the first time through, 9 the second time. My hand is complaining too much to try a third time, but I’m sure that elusive 10th gnome is there somewhere…


  4. victoria says:

    I’m just speaking the way I feel . I don’t enjoy Gnomes much any more. The first was ok “fun” but now it’s getting to old.

  5. Eric says:

    @Reka – I never spent 5 full minutes to find my first dwarf before!Maybe Iwas tired yesterday night…

  6. tessa_stone says:

    finally! took me 3 tries but i loved the imagary best on this one.