The irRegular Game of Life

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The irRegular Game of LifeThe irRegular Game of LifeThe irRegular Game of Life is a puzzle game based on John Horton Conway’s famous “game of life”. This Flash version was developed by Gordon Simpson.

“You must puzzle your way through 42 levels. You can use the Sandbox to load level solutions or share your own cool patterns.

Levels can generally be solved with a combination of logic and some educated guessing (look at the level names and starting patterns). Some levels have only one solution, whereas others have many.

Even if you don’t enjoy the puzzle game mode be sure to play around with the sandbox. Be sure to read in-game tutorial. Use your mouse to control the game.”

If you are looking to exercise your brain, give this game a try!

Have fun!

By Eric

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7 Comments to The irRegular Game of Life

  1. Martin :D says:

    I kinda like this game, old school type playing space with just 4 rules. I haven’t played the original so I can’t make any comparisons. It also reminds me of a documentry I saw about a scientist from the 70’s (Jim Lovelock) who used a similar program to explain how the Earth works as a living organism, he called the Earth Gaia.

  2. Unowninator says:

    I’m very confused about this game. In Level 13, how come… Show

  3. CJ says:

    how do i beat the last level????????????

  4. CJ says:

    plz need help with last level????

  5. Unowninator says:

    If you are stuck on a level, go to the main menu and select “Level Codes”.

    IMPORTANT: After clicking on Level Codes, you’ll see a chart. Read what it says on top of the chart; it tells you how to use the level codes.

  6. jake says:

    i need help with lvl 18

  7. Brian says:

    the code for the last level does not work