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NumbskullNumbskull“Just in time for Halloween“, Nitrome (In the Dog House, Magneboy, Dirk Valentine and the Fortress of Steam, Off the Rails and many more) has released a new puzzle game, Numbskull.

The goal here is to “get the skull to his body by rotating the creepy castle of doom! Click and drag to make a box across the level. When you let go, everything inside it will turn clockwise.”

There are 50 levels in Numbskull that become more and more challenging, and if you like slide puzzles, I’m sure you will love this one.

Mat and his crew at Nitrome seems to have understood that platform games is not the only type of games people are looking for, and it’s a good thing to see them develop more and more puzzle games!

Keep going, give us more!

Have fun!

By Eric

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82 Comments to Numbskull

  1. Sarah says:

    This was not fun at all. Far too easy :(

  2. Star! says:

    I need help with level 25 I cant get the skull to the head… or the pumpkin away..Any idea’s?

  3. Hollow-weeny says:

    How do you do level 14? I can’t get past the evil electric box, and it’s driving me crazy.

  4. Hollow-weeny says:

    Jessica-13 is comment 32

  5. nunya says:

    you guys are nerds. IM ON 42!!!

  6. Unowninator says:

    Hey nunya; if you beat Level 47, can you please tell me the solution?

  7. Bryce1122334455667788991010 says:


  8. Bryce1122334455667788991010 says:


  9. zac says:

    I need help on lvl 17!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! =( so hard….

  10. Brit says:

    OK… Tried more than 20 times, on level 39… what OBVIOUS step am I missing?
    I put the skull on the shelf. flip in every direction got the pumkin from H*ll tucked out of the way, but STILL hit the electrics every time?????

    tis more than a quest now.. its a gotta solve this or else … lol
    So far its been .. or else.

  11. Jonah says:

    Level 14 pleze!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Flix says:


    13 walkthrough

    Please comment back if you found this useful because i will help with others.

  13. hot shot says:

    23 help. very difficult pleeze

  14. grace says:

    most of the levels are demonstrated on youtube sept number 22 which im stuck on any help?

  15. jools says:

    got as far as level 42, been trying for over 2 nights snow. Its impossible not to drop the head onto the killer bricks all around the box. Any help appreciated.

  16. andrew says:

    help me with 14!

  17. Eli says:

    How do u beat level 11?

  18. SSS says:


  19. Ellie says:

    how do you beat level 9?

  20. bash1245 says:

    can anybody help with level 40??

  21. Kat says:

    I love the game, but am totally stuck on level 43.
    Any hints?

  22. brenda says:

    please help with level 23!!!!!!!!i can’t pass it!!!!!!!!!

  23. Jefferson Lee says:


  24. robby says:

    i need help with 25 plz help

  25. Punkie911 says:

    can u plz show the whole walkthrough caz i can’t get past that godamn level 6!!!!!!!

  26. Punkie911 says:

    sorry now level 8!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Punkie911 says:

    hiya im really board. RANDOM!!! lol :)

  28. Baller69 says:

    im on level 43 and cant get the skull up high enough… any one know how to do it?

  29. Baller69 says:

    by the way the red sox are gonna win the world series this year

  30. Carly says:

    Plz Help Me With Level 5 ITS VERY HARD

  31. Lisanne Chee says:

    Plz help me with lvl 4!I’m no good at com!