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GhostscapeGhostscapeGhostscape is the latest Room Escape game released by Psionic for Bubblebox.

“You investigate a strange run-down house, you get locked in and there many strange sounds and occurences, capture evidence of paranormal phenomena and find your way out… if you can…”

It’s Halloween season, and it’s time for ghost hunting!

Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Ghostscape walkthrough in comment #25 (thanks merve!)

Ghostscape video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 3.87


69 Comments to Ghostscape

  1. DNOMN8R says:

    Anyone know what all 5 messages are? I found 2:

    Oh, I enjoyed this game, even though I don’t really like horror games/movies/etc. This was pretty fun.

  2. ich bin deine mutter's katze says:

    awesome game, got stuck with last candle tho

  3. ty says:

    it was good not dreapy to me at all ecsept the skele head coming out of the closet lol goo game tho

  4. Cheryl Hines-Dronzkowski says:

    Psionic, you should be proud of your talent, this game is just GREAT! It’s so well done and VERY realistic! I hope that you’ll make MORE like it! Is this your only game so far, or have you have others (I’d love to check them out!)?

  5. Queen says:

    This game was so fun! By the way the last candle took me a bit to fine but in the attic just go to the right and open that box! I found I think 4 messages. But I forgot XD.

  6. phoebe says:

    ahhh, these are fantastic graphics but I was so creeped out by all the messages, blood and sound effects that I couldn’t play for very long…I had to watch the walkthrough with my cat sitting on my lap…a cool game!

  7. latifa mashriqi says:

    this game took me 72 mins i found everything except one ghost i got so mad and frustrated but couldn’t give up it was NOT

  8. latifa mashriqi says:


  9. latifa mashriqi says:

    In order to find the keys u have to open the locks and the remeins r in the celler and the pantry and the candalls r in the locks as well . IT was an intresting game.

  10. latifa mashriqi says:

    ment to say it was not scary at all in the first comment especially the closet in the locked bedroom and the sprituall in the attic!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. jenny says:

    what the hell do you do?????!!!!!!

  12. hillsgirl says:

    walkthrough please!

  13. saira says:

    Hi, this is quite hard !! The hardest part was finding the candles all i found was 4 so i got a little help from youtube !!
    Anyway i have left a little spoiler!


  14. ninja132009 says:

    where are all the messages?

  15. czarlilyz says:

    need a little help here… plz? what is the combination of the locked case??

  16. czarlilyz says:

    this game wasted my time it’s a 1hr

  17. DeviKannan says:

    ghostscape game is a good horror game i never play this type of wonderful horror game. ghostscape 1 and 2 also super. i really enjoyed this game. i have finished all levels in 2 ghostscape games.but i take more time to finish this games. but this is pretty good. i waiting for ghostscape 3. A big salute for the game designers.