Nekonote 09 – Book

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Nekonote 09 - BookNekonote 09 - BookNekonote Escape 9 – Book is a new installment in the Japanese Room Escape Nekonote series.

You find yourself in an unknown room and the door is locked.

This new game has very nice looking 3D graphics and is more difficult than the previous one!

A save button is available in case you get stuck…

Have fun!

Nekonote 09 – Book walkthrough in comment #75 (thanks Smudge!)

By Eric

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86 Comments to Nekonote 09 – Book

  1. Hedetet says:

    me tooooooooo!!!

  2. Anna says:

    All I get from the book is thet the things evolv (? turn in to) into someting?

  3. Ida says:

    It probably has something to do with the numbers in the book, but I can´t figure out how to use it.

  4. Ida says:

    I´m OUT!!!

  5. Hedetet says:


  6. Ida says:

    Use the four-digit code you´ve already found and:

  7. Hedetet says:

    You have a 4-digit code (1025), and a code in the book!
    The left code inside the book turns into the right. so you change the 4-digit code according to the book!

  8. Jole says:


  9. Anna says:

    @ Hedete
    Thank you! I totally forgot about that code ^^,

  10. Hedetet says:


  11. sue says:

    russian doll code is for blk and whit e box its sun wed fri sat to get wrench now stuck again

  12. sue says:

    where is the book ! help :(

  13. ALEKA says:



  14. Fanny says:

    need help with a last chip? only got pink and green

  15. Nick says:

    where is thw doll??

  16. jaydeep says:

    where is megnet?

  17. jaydeep says:

    i got blue & green coin. but where is the 3rd one?

  18. lianski says:

    and where is the wire cutter?

  19. Alexa Karuda says:

    Where are the wire cutter and the blue coin?

  20. Hels says:

    Just found blue coin. Click on carpet in corner in the armchair/plant scene.

  21. Hels says:

    What do you do with the wire cutters?
    They are Show

  22. Hels says:

    How to find the doll
    With the wire cutters Show

  23. Em says:

    Hels- in which corner is the blue coin?
    And where do I get wire cutter?

  24. Em says:

    Ok, I now know how to get the cutter, but ca´t find the blue coin…

  25. Smudge says:


    Then sit back and enjoy the music… Apologies if this is a bit long winded, as I’m not used to creating walkthroughs…

  26. Sarah P says:

    Where is the:

    and the:

  27. goldie says:

    Nice game. Thnx all.

  28. Reka says:

    The colored buttons Show

  29. ellie says:

    Thank you for the clear walkthrough Smudge!

  30. Ann says:

    Thanks SMUDGE for the walkthrough, I REALLY needed it……lol
    You did well SMUDGE……..X

  31. Smudge says:

    *blushes* aww thanks guys!! I try my best :P

  32. J says:

    @Reka: the clue for the colored buttons is Show

  33. Lukihonu says:

    Got it! I’m out!

    Look at the book, see the difference between the pages, do the same for the numbers. Then apply the same rule to the last code…

  34. ursula says:

    Hello Smudge thank you very much for your help
    see you in another escape games :)