Esklavos – 17, Final Chapter

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Esklavos – Chapter 17Esklavos – Chapter 17Esklavos – Chapter 17 is live! Esklavos is a Point’n’Click adventure series created by Federico Rutenberg from Argentina.

In Esklavos series, we follow the adventures of two young aliens, Ungo and Virop, who escaped the crash of their spaceship on a mysterious planet.

“18 months ago a story began. It speaks about two strange, unknown and something graceful characters. They were baptized Ungo and Virop. From the beginnings, many things changed. A great community of people come, with the unique interest of spend a good moment. And the time comes. In another commentary I said that this would be the last test of Esklavos I will take to you…”

Well, it looks like this chapter is the last one, and it makes me sad :-(

Have fun!

By Eric

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96 Comments to Esklavos – 17, Final Chapter

  1. monte says:

    sorry it is taking so long. the birds song is different. give me a second

  2. anonymouse says:

    Oh man, I have to restart!

  3. monte says:

    i just restarted to play it again. the bird song is different for the attahing of the wires, and the number through the lens is different

  4. monte says:


  5. monte says:

    mission three

  6. meg says:

    i so cant find the numbers through the lens help!

  7. meg says:

    dont worry i found them

  8. monte says:


    go through slow . i found one in my first game on the top right, and then towards the bottom left in my second game. it is a four digit number just sitting there

  9. monte says:

    alright, i am heading home. see you guys soon

  10. Em says:

    Oh my… Thoose flies are driving me crazzzzy!! How many di you have to catch? Anyone having a tips for how to catch them?!!

  11. meg says:

    just have to catch moths

  12. Em says:

    yeah! got them all three now!

  13. meg says:

    what do you do once you get to the ship

  14. ag says:

    how do you start the ship

  15. ag says:


  16. Em says:

    Yes! I´m out!

  17. ag says:

    nevermind, found it

  18. meg says:

    help i so cant get what to do to get the ship going

  19. ag says:


  20. Em says:

    Start ship: Show

  21. meg says:

    thanks i was going crazy

  22. Sue says:

    Help with moths!!! Do you click on them or hold mouse button down to catch them?

  23. chantel says:

    can someone plz post an walkthrough confused on the part where u have to get the plans and other stuff but the professer is watching

  24. anonymouse says:

    chantel- for the plans:

  25. anonymouse says:

    Sue- you have to click and hold, once you get a moth, you have to keep holding the mouse button down to keep a hold of the moth

  26. Kizu says:

    Okay, I’ve looked all over the sheet like a thousand times already and I still can’t find the stupid numbers!
    Can somebody post a screenshot so I at least know what I’m looking for?

  27. Hels says:

    Cheat for moths:

  28. Gamer Joe says:

    @ Kizu

  29. Gamer Joe says:

    hahaha sorry I meant to close that tag

    Edit: spoiler tag added.

  30. losann says:

    thank you hels, you are my hero

  31. DeAnn says:

    I can’t even find the c64 puzzle….I have lens and other stuff but can’t get in box for puzzle. HELP!!

  32. Jules says:

    Just need to say this was an awesome game! Gona look for the rest of the saga, to play it from the begining!

  33. Camille says:

    what do you do after Show

  34. Confused says:

    Great ending

  35. Jo Mac says:

    I still can’t do the moths which is a shame as it’s been a great series up to now.

  36. juliuz says:

    I got the moths but then??

  37. juliuz says:

    ok find where to use the moths

  38. Jocrisse says:

    I can’t get the moths, even with Hel’s and anonymouse’s tips. Anyone?

  39. Jocrisse says:

    I don’t see a jar at the moths. Where should I drop them? Help!!!! Please…

  40. Jocrisse says:

    Sorry, got the moths.

  41. Jocrisse says:

    Arrr, after getting the second moth, I clicked the advertisement above the moth and had to start all over again…… Tip for the makers: add “target=_blank” to the ads.
    But thanks a lot, makers and helpers here! I finished the last part… :D & :(

  42. ian says:

    what do i do with the plum. aaahhh

  43. minorisc says:

    what to do if u just freed the prisoners and just got the hormone stuff

  44. ANNON says:

    YOU NEED TO Show

  45. Jake T. says:

    Great series. Finally beat them all.