Monster Basement 2

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Monster Basement 2Monster Basement 2, the sequel to Monster Basement from Patrick Majewski of Godlimations is live. “The monster is defeated. Thanks to my friend of course. The gate to freedom in the basement is locked. We must find the key!The question remains… Where am I?” Interesting game, but why the hell doesn’t Majewski disable the TAB key in his games? Have fun!

WARNING: PG 13. Not suitable for children!

Update: Monster Basement 2 walkthrough in comment #3 (thanks Nu_Voi!)

By Eric

current rating 3.40


41 Comments to Monster Basement 2

  1. Nu_Voi says:

    2nd lol…Scary sound effects

  2. Nu_Voi says:

    Walkthrough Show

  3. A says:

    GAH. It’s impossible to do the knocking thing.

  4. Miss D says:

    It takes ages to load.

  5. Miss D says:

    Can’t find the pamflet.

  6. Fayyth says:

    How do you call the handyman? when I put the numbers in I get no signal

  7. Fayyth says:

    Miss D: the pamphlet Show

  8. Wierra says:

    how 2 use the scepter????

  9. GamerJoe says:

    A is right its impossible to do the knocking thing…

  10. maclasch says:

    How do you light the f-in matches?

  11. maclasch says:

    And no matter how much I click or move the mouse I cannot see a magnifier to find the darn laxatives by the tv!

  12. maclasch says:


  13. maclasch says:

    nevermind, i figured both out.

  14. Miss D says:

    Found it! Thanks Fayyth.

  15. GamerJoe says:

    Wow im back and still cant get the knocking down

  16. Durrrrr says:

    How do you get the ball in the sewer?

  17. Durrrrr says:


  18. Fallen says:

    The knocking is so hard to get >.

  19. Fallen says:

    Nvm finally got it

  20. elephant says:

    how do you get the mathes thing???

    please reply here and tell how!!

  21. aslankro says:

    Whit the handy man call i cant do that i keeps saying GRous or somtin lik that XD

  22. Kizu says:

    How are you supposed to call the handyman?! Even when I’m upstairs, I call but he says “closed”. So what am I supposed to do?! Dx
    And what are the extra numbers on the pamphlet for?

  23. Kizu says:

    Er…. Nevermind. xDD
    The six extra numbers (the ones in groups of two digits) are actually the number you call. xDD
    I feel stupid now.

  24. brian says:

    where do you get the key for the tool box

  25. donna says:

    anyone know where the tool box key is ??

  26. donna says:

    found it in the pot lol

  27. Countess Deecula says:

    help!! Show

  28. Countess Deecula says:

    Doh!!! i get what i had to do

  29. LOL says:

    LOL glitch.
    i beat the game and played it again.
    whenever i move back the chainsaw guy killes me.
    I pick up the matches, turn back and VROOOOOM!

  30. brodie says:

    How do you get the key out of the pot

  31. RockerDude says:

    how do i knock on the door i dont get the music sheet

  32. Zkjt says:

    I can’t find the key to open the toolbox in the shed and the mud vile never appeared on my screen! But I put the salt on the little girl, what do I do?

  33. deadly says:

    i passed it all easy and the salt go to room and give her her diary

  34. yezzi says:

    Hey, is there any way to get the scowl head after the butcher was on the toilet? How to get the scrowl head? Im totally confused! PLease help =)

  35. yezzi says:

    oh its ok now xD I found the sewers i didnt found before =)
    So finish, i love this game =D

  36. ilovemonsters says:

    how do you knock on the door???? sooooo… hard

  37. ilovemonsters says:

    how do you do the knocking thing someone please tell me desperate

  38. kinsey says:

    i cant find the matches on the tv i need help pleas :(

  39. desperateforhelp says:

    I need help with the knocking on the girls door. The music sheet doesn’t help at all.

  40. NIGHT says: