Old Castle 3

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Old Castle 3Old Castle 3 is live! After Old Castle and Old Castle 2, here is the third installment in the Point’n’Click Adventure series developed by Andrey Anisimov. You find yourself in a cell today, but you won’t stay trapped for long. Welcome back to the Old Castle! Have fun!

Update: Old Castle 3 walkthrough in comment #109 (thanks Chris!)

By Eric

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  1. victoria says:

    Anonymouse I don’t know no one can help but me lol I got to the third stage put my rod and weight on he gave me good time to put in the numbers and I clicked on somthing and now have to start all over from the first stage when I get through this I will not have any hair left lol

  2. victoria says:

    One good thing is coming out of all this I will never I mean never forget my Roman Numbers again

  3. anonymouse says:

    lol victoria, what I did was write down the meanings of the letters right in front of me, then wrote what he showed and added it up. I think if you don’t give him any answer, and don’t put the rod & weight on, he’ll just keep giving you different numbers, without going back

  4. anonymouse says:

    lianski- the skeleton is replacing 3 cards with different colors

  5. victoria says:

    anonymouse if you could see my desk with all the papers I have with numbers, roman letters I have used you would laugh
    your “you now what off “

  6. anonymouse says:

    bramy- do you have it on the card table in front of the skeleton?

  7. anonymouse says:

    victoria- it also took me quite a while

    ralu- i believe the shapes change, if you have just one wrong, the doors won’t open, double check your count of how many corners

  8. anonymouse says:

    victoria- what i always forgot is when there is a smaller number/letter- (ie: IX) in front of a bigger one that means the bigger one minus that smaller one (IE: IX=9 OR X-I=9)

  9. Chris says:













  10. anonymouse says:

    thanks for writing that up Chris!

  11. bramy says:

    thanks for the walkthrough !!! at least we could rest now… but… hate to tell you this… I really dont think it;s the right way out, we still havent used 3 stuffs, the nail puzzle from the first room, the numbers on the planet room, and the cross….
    tomorrow maybe ??? lol

  12. dill says:

    when u get the genie say leave ur free

  13. Gail Patricia says:

    Am in Old Castle (1) & I cannot figure out the nail puzzle, also please tell me what box it will open ?