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IQ MarathonIQ MarathonIQ Marathon is a nice puzzle game developed in 2002 by the German team behind

The object here is to place arrows around the field to guide a cow towards her goal. In most levels, you will also have to guide several other cows, working together by opening doors or pushing balls of hay into place to help the one reaching the goal.

Use your mouse to select and drag arrows on the field when cows aren’t moving and then click the “Go” button to see what happens (click once “Run” at the beginning of the game to accelerate the process). Click the “Stop” button when your leading cow is stuck somewhere on the field and then proceed with modifications.

Note that red arrows disappear after a cow went onto them while the blue ones permanently remain in the field.

There are 42 different levels implemented in IQ Marathon (that’s why it’s called Marathon), increasing more or less gradually in difficulty. The game uses level codes to save your progress, so check the top right corner of the advice window when you begin a new level.

I spent over two hours ending this game and that sounds logical for an IQ “Marathon”: you’ve been forewarned! Have fun!


IQ Marathon Winter EditionAnd for gamers who are looking for more challenge, the team of released a sequel called IQ Marathon Winter Edition, with 42 new levels! have fun!

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    IQ Marathon Winter Edition. Level codes…


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