Escape from Mr. Y’s Room

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Escape from Mr. Y's RoomEscape from Mr. Y’s Room is the latest Room Escape game released by Tesshi-e, the author of Escape from the Mountain Hut, Escape from the Apple Room, Escape from the Ball’s Room, Escape from Mr. K’s Room, Escape from the Fishing Pond and many more. Have fun!

Update: Escape from Mr. Y’s Room walkthrough in comment #29 (thanks DNOMN8R!)

By Eric

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41 Comments to Escape from Mr. Y’s Room

  1. twinkle says:

    yay.. im first. need help though. found a lot of things.

  2. DNOMN8R says:


  3. Totenkopf says:

    found matches

  4. DNOMN8R says:

    New developments:

    Now stuck.

  5. sue says:


  6. DNOMN8R says:

    Where are the matches?

  7. DNOMN8R says:

    Check that…found them

  8. Totenkopf says:

    if they are roman numbers so far I have numbers 1-2-3-5 with different arrows

  9. DNOMN8R says:

    Now stuck…feel like hammering the window.

  10. DNOMN8R says:

    Found Roman numerals 1-2-5; where’s the 3?

  11. Totenkopf says:

    what do you need to make a candle? I can’t put blue cilinder on nail.
    I used rope with water, now my corridor is full of water…but I’m stuck!

  12. Totenkopf says:

    number three is on matches’box

  13. Totenkopf says:

    number four is on hammer, use them on safe and you’ll find a drill
    but I’m still without candle!!!

  14. TwinsFather says:

    clue Show

  15. ellie says:

    Ran water into passage by thin door by attaching hose to running sink, now what?

  16. Totenkopf says:

    I suppose that I could do a boat with candle that burn rope if only I knew how to do the candle!!!! can you help me please

  17. Totenkopf says:

    never mind! power of posting! suddenly a candle appeared next to pig :)

  18. DNOMN8R says:


  19. Totenkopf says:

    out! using a key on door

  20. sue says:


  21. DNOMN8R says:

    Now I’ve filled hall with water. Stuck and still haven’t used blue thing.

  22. Nikki says:

    how do you open the safe?

  23. Totenkopf says:


  24. Nikki says:

    what stick? the only stick i have Show

  25. DNOMN8R says:

    OK, here’s the endings.

  26. DNOMN8R says:


  27. Nikki says:

    tried to combine the two but it won’t let me. and how do you open the stupid safe? i’m starting to feel like an idiot on this one! that or my computer is screwy!

  28. Totenkopf says:

    once you have a curly wire you have to use it with piece of wood

  29. DNOMN8R says:


    Ending 1 (day):

    Ending 2 (night):

    Ending 3 (happy):

  30. shaz says:

    im soooooooooo stuck i cant get no Show

  31. shaz says:

    help please i only have Show

  32. shaz says:

    grrrrrrrrrr sorry did try spoiler guess i cant do it

    Edit: I’m sorry shaz, but I have to insist: USE SPOILER TAGS PLEASE!!!

  33. shaz says:

    ok it a hose i got,so wheres the wire

  34. shaz says:

    ok finerly getting some where managed to open drawer

  35. shaz says:

    geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeez im trying to learn how to use the spoiler tags ive looked at how to do them but getting it wrong

  36. shaz says:

    ok i need help according to spoiler help u do this

    The spoiler !

    but where do u actually place wat u want to write to hide it
    i am trying and it just aint working

  37. shaz says:

    even tried to copy and paste instructions and cant even do that right,i sioooooooooooo give up.i just wont bother writing on here

  38. DNOMN8R says:

    For spoilers, you need to put the (spoiler) tag (note: use brackets not parentheses) before what you want to write, then the (/spoiler) after. Example: I found the item (spoiler)in the locked drawer(/spoiler).

  39. bmic says:

    confused about blue tube from dials. i put in Show

    but nothing happens

  40. cRaZyGiRl!!!! says:

    ummmmmm….. slight problem. don’t mean to sound idiotic(im new) but HOW DO YOU START PLAYING?!?!?!?