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BoombotBoombotBoombot is the latest creation from NinjaKiwi. Your goal here is to use explosions to get your Bot to the exit point in each level.

There are boxes, TNT, exploding Gel, and burning oil barrels to help and hinder you. Click and hold your left mouse button  to make a bomb and release to explode and move the robot.

Boombot features 50 levels of increasing difficulty and offers an unlimited bombs mode, just in case…

Not as good as the Bloons series, but still highly enjoyable!

Have fun!

Update: Boombot video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.28


41 Comments to Boombot

  1. dimich says:

    First to sTuck

    on level 36…

  2. Nathan says:

    level 50 anybody?

  3. Belgarion says:

    Yes, i’ve got finished ^^

  4. Nathan says:

    how did u beat level 50?

  5. Have had time to play the whole thing but the first 20 levels were pretty easy.

  6. Pokémoneinstein says:

    36: Show

  7. Andy says:

    I’m stuck on 36 too.

  8. tj says:

    need help for level 48

  9. Suz says:

    on 36Show

  10. dmh says:

    Here’s how I did 50:

  11. blah says:

    how do you do level 46?
    before that most were easy

  12. LINGLING says:


  13. urmomyo says:

    I need help on level 30 :]]]]

  14. Spork says:

    How do you beat level 42???i have been stuck on it!

  15. Wes says:

    i reecmend level id 60846

  16. T-T says:

    level 24 anyone?

  17. ^-^ says:


  18. ^-^ says:

    level 26 (sorry forgot to say that) ^

  19. Confused-x] says:

    how do you get unlimited bombs? x

    • Kickbuttgirl says:

      Go to MENU and click Unlimited Bombs

    • brainlord says:

      click start game it shows all the levels under that it says UNLIMITED BOMBS there is a box next to it click on it and press the level your on

  20. Haze says:

    i’m stuck at level 26! :( help please!!!

  21. AI says:


  22. me7399 says:


    • hannah schultz says:

      You explode a small bomb to the right of boom bot and keep clicking bombs till he goes through the goal

      Your done! :p :)

  23. xJustMeDownHerex says:

    help on 13 !

  24. trenton says:


  25. Bomberx49 says:

    HELP LVL 14! =D

  26. Ifeeldumb says:

    Help for 24.

  27. Ifeeldumb says:


    Help i am obsessed with findin out.

  28. lewis says:

    how do u do level 24

  29. Adam says:

    i REALLY need help on level 47. Could anyone help me???????

  30. Metallica fan says:

    Level 47 is really hard. Can somebody help me with it?

  31. !!!!!!!! says:

    24 PLEASE SOMBODY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. 0krazykid0 says:

    IM STUCK ON 26

  33. S1324 says:

    I’m stuck on 16! Help PLEASE!

  34. don says:

    done easy

  35. maddie says:

    Stuck on level 33 anyone wanna help me?