D’s Look for Hamsters 2

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D's Look for Hamsters 2In D’s Look for Hamsters 2, you are trapped in a playground (!) and just like in the original game, your goal is still to find a lot of Hamsters. Find them all and you will escape from the playground! Another cute and simple game created by Doradora, recommended for all Hamsters lovers! Have fun!

Update: D’s Look for Hamsters 2 walkthrough in comment #8 (thanks anonymouse!)

By Eric

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16 Comments to D’s Look for Hamsters 2

  1. MuffyGirlBaby says:

    First again!? Geez, I need to get a life…lol

  2. mammy says:

    I am miss one…

  3. BoomBoxer says:

    Too ez!?!!

  4. Trish says:


  5. Trish says:

    I agree toooooo easy

  6. laughingpoodle says:

    Cute kid’s game!

  7. anonymouse says:

    Did you find the extra hamster?

  8. anonymouse says:

    1. Show

    2. Show

    3. Show

    4. Show

    5. Show

    6. Show

    7. Show

    8. Show

    9. Show

    10. Show

    11. Show

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    13. Show

    14. Show

    Secret: Show


  9. dawn says:

    help, where is the one between the horses?

  10. shaz says:

    certainly dont need a walkthrough for this,well funny.

  11. MiMi says:

    I like these games ^_^. I hope more come out soon!!!

  12. goldie says:

    Nice Game..

  13. Janey says:

    Another extra is if you use the shovel on the dirt under the slide thats on the same screen you get a gold coin!

  14. sofifi says:

    I can’t play the game, the link goes to a page named @nifty and i can’t read japanese…

  15. sofifi says:

    plaese someone help me!!

  16. jojo says:

    The game is now on


    All games by this author can be found on


    The original links to the older games starting with this one no longer work…