The Ballad of Ketinetto 2

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The ballad of Ketinetto The ballad of Ketinetto 2Federico Rutenberg, the author of the Esklavos and Doctor Ku series has just released the second episode of the Ballad of Ketinetto!

Federico is still testing his new graphic engine in this new Point’n’Click Adventure game and things are improving…

Having said that, Ketinetto today’s mission is to go to Totem Island. Help him build a boat and let’s see what the demons look like!

Have fun!

Update: The ballad of Ketinetto 2 walkthrough in comment #32 (thanks Jay Autumn!)

By Eric

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34 Comments to The Ballad of Ketinetto 2

  1. LooLoo says:

    first ish! woo and stuck…….

  2. Ludja says:

    second and out

  3. shaz says:

    grabbed a few items

  4. mr magoo says:

    i got a cup!

  5. iceberg says:

    Finished but I’m not sure what I used the scissors for.

  6. shaz says:

    how i get the sea water and methane gas i have rest in the cup

  7. shaz says:

    would have been nice if u left some tips seeing as u got out

  8. iceberg says:

    to get salt

    to get gas

  9. shaz says:

    ty ice

  10. shaz says:

    ok i have 2 pieces of bottle tried to put together but it wont work

  11. shaz says:

    ok found a bottle not smashed

  12. iceberg says:

    you can get an unbroken bottle from first scene.just keep picking them(bottles) up.

  13. shaz says:

    ok totally stuck filled bottle but how i combine it with stuff in cup

  14. iceberg says:

    @shaz , click on plus sign on the bottom left first.

  15. shaz says:

    how many r there ive found 4 broken parts

  16. shaz says:

    im out ty so much for ya help ice

  17. shaz says:

    still had 1 empty box in inventory not sure wat i missed and didnt use scissors so no idea wat they were for

  18. iceberg says:

    I don’t remember how many but

  19. shaz says:

    just realised i wouldnt have had empty box cause of the 2 pieces of wood.

  20. A says:

    Hm.. so, I have Show

    but it won’t let me combine them.. Help?

  21. A says:

    Hm, nevermind. It kept telling me “those things dont’ go together”, but it let me take what I had and give it to the old man anyway.

  22. simon says:

    find worm under one of the lossing stone

  23. smidgeon says:

    Anyone know how to get the worm?! And I can’t combine the salt water with the rum!!!

  24. smidgeon says:

    Oh ok got worm, last stone i looked under. Didn’t get the Show

    So now, Show

  25. Paul says:

    smidgeon Show

  26. alena says:

    Wow! Show

    But apart from that, it’s not so hard.

  27. alena says:


  28. iddyboo says:

    spoiler 1 Show

    spoiler 2 Show

    spoiler 3 Show

    spoiler 4 Show

    spoiler 5 Show

    (I still don’t know what the scissors were for.)

  29. ellie says:

    Very smooth but so short,looking forward for more!

  30. Irid says:

    Funny little game. A duck with a pirate flag: The terror of the seas has come! Lol

  31. NetMonster says:

    Anybody here ever played a Monkey Island game? It’s an old adventure game series that had the exact same feel as this one. The plot, the music, the craziness, the puzzles, the characters… not same, but sort of similar.

    I’m getting a warm nostalgic feeling from this game…

  32. Jay Autumn says:

    Complete Walkthrough

    Part 1Show

    Part 2Show

    Part 3Show

    Part 4Show

    Part 5 Show

    Part 6 Show

    Part 7 Show

    Part 8 Show

    Part 9 Show

    Part 10 Show

    Part 11 Show

    Part 12 Show

    Part 13 Show

    Part 14 Show

    Part 15 Show

    Part 16 Show

    Part 17 Show

  33. Kayla says:

    Thanks Jay! You’re funny by the way.

  34. china says:

    can’t find the worm