The World Hardest Game 2

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The World Hardest Game 2The World Hardest Game 2 is the sequel of The World Hardest Game. Harder than the original game (yes, it is possible), TWHG 2 features 50 “incredibly hard” levels. Be sure to check out the Tips and Tricks page made by the author if you don’t want to become crazy!  Have fun!

By Eric

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16 Comments to The World Hardest Game 2

  1. darkman says:

    not working

  2. darkman says:

    sorry its working now lol :)

    i will begin now

  3. Snowman says:

    I made it to Level 3. Someone tell me when they get to Level 4.

  4. Almir Destanovic says:

    All in all stupid game, better not to play !

  5. brax says:

    ok so its just ridiculous on some of these levels, you can get ridiculously close on one side of some blue dots, yet half a centimeter sets it off on the other. worlds hardest game is right…

  6. brax says:

    btw lvl 8

  7. Kay says:

    Okay, so this now means the name of the original game is a lie?

  8. Leslie says:

    This game is stupid. Like brax said, you can get close to the blue dots on one side but not the other. You get killed just being near them when you’re not even in their path. Don’t give this “author” the satisfaction of trying to beat his game. It’s a waste of time!

  9. Archbob says:

    I actually like the first one alot better. I think it had better levels

  10. Ardis says:

    Dis game isn’t working for me!! :@

  11. kate says:

    i cant even get past level 1 lol , its really hard

  12. Romeo says:

    urrrrrr i cant do level 3 its just har for fusk sake someone help meee i cant do level 3 on number 1 or 2

  13. nathan says:

    I am currently on level 9. If you need help with 3… Show

    Good luck. If you need help with other levels just check youtube.

  14. dust says:

    Level 5 is the hardest ever!

  15. Jeja says:

    Better than the first one. More levels. Even harder.

  16. Juliet says:

    stuck at level 8 dont know wht to do