Final Ninja

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Final NinjaFinal NinjaFinal Ninja is a platform game from Nitrome. “swing around the levels on a ninja rope and hide from your enemies using your incredible stealth suit!

Navigate your way through each level battling against hordes of cyborg samurai and use your ninja skills to avoid security lasers and spotlights.”

Use the arrow keys to move your ninja and click to throw a ninja star. Click and hold to shoot out a rope to swing from and climb up.

Once again, Nitrome succeeds to make a superbly balanced and playable platformer. Even though Final Ninja is not really original, it is a very challenging and exciting game.

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.04


6 Comments to Final Ninja

  1. Nananana~ Batman~ :D says:

    Very nicely done. :3
    I love all of Nitrome’s games.

  2. final ninja says:

    awesome music! super cool game! ninja!

  3. mikie says:

    amazing feat

  4. austin says:

    im stuck on level 8. HELP ME

  5. wicked ninja says:

    my favourite game wicked but having trouble on level 7

  6. Swayamsidh Mohapatra says:

    how to beat defence robot zero