The Ballad of Ketinetto

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The ballad of Ketinetto The ballad of Ketinetto Federico Rutenberg, the author of the Esklavos and Doctor Ku series has been working on the new version of his graphic adventure engine.

To test his new engine he has just released a new Point’n’Click Adventure game called The Ballad of Ketinetto.

Ketinetto was put in jail after he cheated at cards.

Can you help him escape from his cell?

Have fun!

Update: The Ballad of Ketinetto walkthroughs in comments #3 and #17 (thanks zoomzoom and Brad Pitt!)

By Eric

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33 Comments to The Ballad of Ketinetto

  1. Horst says:


  2. zoomzoom says:

    Wow! short game. I’m out.

  3. zoomzoom says:


    Maybe someone can find a longer way to play this???

  4. chantel says:

    can someone leave a walkthrough

  5. Mata says:

    How to combine stick and eye ????

  6. ano says:

    As said, it’s only to test the engine, isn’ it…

  7. Alexa Karuda says:

    When I hit the ribs with the ‘eyeball-stick,’ I don’t hear any noise. Anybody else having that problem?

  8. Alexa Karuda says:

    I’m replaying the game, and I’m having the same trouble I did before with connecting the eyeball and the sticky…stick. I have goo on the stick, but I can’t get the eyeball and stick to connect. Any suggestsions?

  9. Alexa Karuda says:

    Nvm, I found the ‘combine items key’ that I must have used before.

    I didn’t realize the A-B button was for that purpose. I thought they were cards or something….

  10. cazsolo says:

    thats the easiest game ive ever played! enjoyable tho

  11. monte says:

    i am having trouble with the music notes. i hav no idea how to play the sencond part

  12. tom says:

    me too

  13. Rock says:

    it is freezing on my when i try and listen to the mouse and play the notes. anyone else having that issue?

  14. Rock says:

    tried it in internet explorer and now it works. guess you can’t use firefox

  15. Brad Pitt says:

    I tried combining items, but I can’t figure it out.

  16. Brad Pitt says:

    OK NM. You have to use the cards to the left to combione items. Click the cards, and then click the items you want to combine.

  17. Brad Pitt says:


  18. BoomBoxer says:

    ez game.. music part wuz draggin the game…

  19. Sven says:

    I used firefox and it worked.

  20. aa60 says:

    Thanks for the walkthroughs, short game, it had a good start but was disappointing.

  21. shaz says:

    grrrrrrrrrrrr im on bit with playng notes on ribs i keep getting no i assume ist 3 ribs from left u tap once and 4th one u hit 4 times then the 5th one 6 times it confusing but i get a no help please

  22. shaz says:

    im out… average game

  23. laughingpoodle says:


  24. Peeshee says:

    all i see is a stupid orange dot with blackness around.

  25. Josh says:

    THIS ONE WAS EASY – CRAP… but i liked the roaches…

  26. chantel says:

    i don’t understand how u play the bones can someone help me

  27. AISHWARYA says:

    click on bottom right corner.
    Get eye from skull
    Get rib

  28. montara says:

    How you play the bones:

    First part:

    Second part:

  29. simon says:

    THe music puzzle sucked, they all do as it precludes people who have
    no musical talent from payingthe game. Myst was the same

  30. Querida says:

    Haha, this is too funny…

    Yamaha and 10 years of music school finally paid off. =p

  31. Gwen says:

    The ribs for the second part aren’t 4433221. I tried it at least 10 times! Not working.

    • SoftKitnz says:

      Those numbers for the second part worked well for me. I followed it exactly as was written and and presto I was able to get to the item in the mouse hole.