Feather Keeper

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Feather KeeperFeather KeeperFeather Keeper is a brand new platform game developed by Emil Norrman and Tomas Unosson, from Sweden.

You are a blue farmer and the keeper of the feathers. Your job is to supply angels with feathers (for their wings). During a sunny day, Slack and her evil henchmen come out from the sky and steal all the feathers. Your mission is to chase Slack and get back as many feathers as possible.

Use the arrow keys to control your blue man (jump: up and crouch: down) and press X to fire. Collect feathers for bonus points, find keys to open chests and collect stars or balls for more points. Collect hearts to increase your energy and look for extra lives. Check the ammo container on the bottom left part of the game’s window and collect blue dots to refill it.

This Shockwave game is nicely polished, with very good graphics and animations. The electronic music is a bit annoying after a while, but you can easily turn it off at any time, just by pressing the U key.

Overall, with five different worlds and a total of 27 levels, more and more difficult, tons of bonus and power-ups, 5 timed levels and 5 different bosses to defeat, Feather Keeper is definitely not appropriate for a short break, and is another brilliant and addictive platformer. Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.33


4 Comments to Feather Keeper

  1. Dripititis says:

    excuse me, but we dont understand how to kill the humbugs on level 6, 2 after the first bonus level. your directions were not very clear and we are addicted to this game. we would like to defeat the level. please help us! if you could give us the answer to pass the level, that would be fantastic! thank you

    • EL says:

      You have to shoot them. It takes more shots to kill the bosses on the boss levels than to kill their minions. So you just have to keep on shooting them until they disappear (and the farther along you get, the harder they are to kill).

  2. boing says:


  3. Louise says:

    this is a good game, but it is spoiled by the fact that you can’t pass the levels you’ve already beaten and move forward more easily. no one wants to have to go through all of the earlier levels every time they play the game.