StoneAge Sam

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StoneAge SamStoneAge SamJust released at 2DPlay, StoneAge Sam is a new Point’n’Click adventure game.

“Life’s tough in the StoneAge. To make things worse, Sam isn’t really known for his smarts; left to his own devices he probably wouldn’t last a day! However, although he may be all brawn, fortunately he’s got your brain to help him out! And he’ll need it too as he’s got to find food, make weapons, survive sabertooth tigers, capture wooly mammoths, evade hungry crocs, drive off enemy tribesmen and to top it all off, keep his girlfriend Lucy happy!”

Warning, you can die in this game, and die you will!

Have fun!

Update: StoneAge Sam video walkthrough!

By Eric

current rating 4.00


50 Comments to StoneAge Sam

  1. another me says:

    The link doesn’t seem to work.,..

  2. Eric says:

    @ another me – The link works fine for me (sponsor link). What’s wrong?

  3. Jerre says:

    Funny game =D

  4. dalexa32 says:

    very cute and easy game!

  5. ChristinaW says:

    The link doesn’t work for me either. I just get a white screen. Im using a Mac and Firefox.

  6. Eric says:

    @a ChristinaW – I don’t know what is wrong with 2DPlay servers. Anyway, I hosted the game, so the link should work now!

  7. ChristinaW says:

    @ Eric. Thank you, but it didn’t work :o(
    I really have to go to bed now its very late here. I will try again some time tomorrow.

  8. Emma says:

    Very easy game !

  9. S says:

    It worked for me, I’m using a Mac and Safari. Do you have any adblockers installed that might be messing with it?

  10. ChristinaW says:

    It worked in Safari. Why didn’t I think of trying that in the first place :-[

  11. mona says:

    what do i do with the lady?

  12. mona says:

    cute but a bit violence for me

    i couldnt hunt the animals
    mybe only fishing ha ha

  13. Fallen says:

    Very cute and funny. No walkthrough really needed. Just use your common sense people lol. And Mona, treat the lady nice ^^

  14. Clara says:

    how do you not get squished by the mammoth?

  15. Fanny says:

    get on the other side of the pit

  16. stupid says:

    Well, I dont even get past the crocodiles….

  17. Countess Deecula says:

    I couldn’t do the hunting bit either

  18. victoria says:

    how do you get to the other side of the pit?

  19. Mona says:

    score 14280

  20. Shezi says:

    Apple Level:

    Shelter level:

    Hunting level:

    Lady Level:

    Mammoth level:

    Stolen Family level:


  21. GamerJoe says:

    Score 14580

  22. Paul says:

    on “Stolen Family Jewel” level,i can make it up to where it says “Get Sam’s Buddy out of the cage” i click the wolf and he just sits there and the pot on the right gets higher and it says i lost. how do i get him out?

  23. Shezi says:

    After you click on the beehive, Sam will move across to where his family is being held. Once Sam stops moving, quickly click on the cage with the wolf is in. Sam should let him out of the cage.

  24. Paul says:

    i did that but all the guy did on the right was keep walking and nothing happened,and i lost. i’ll try again though.

  25. mary says:

    im stuck on the level where he has to save his wife or whatever!! HELP

    but i love this game a lot:]

  26. coco1471 says:

    score 16890

  27. Mona says:

    upgraded score to 17000

  28. Mona says:

    on the level how to save family Show

  29. ♦♣♠♥ says:

    Man this game rocks! Oh and Shezi you said light the arrows on fire, on the kidnap level, but it should have said spears, I know what you meant though☻.

  30. game loser! says:


  31. Ur momz says:

    lol this game rockz

  32. pez says:

    how do u get to the other side

  33. Lizzy says:

    i cant get past the level were u try to rescue his wife. does any one know how?

  34. Krystal says:

    I cannot get past the tiger!
    Help Please.

  35. seaking says:


  36. Memix says:

    The game seemed to work ‘n all but how exactly is this a walkthrough? It doesn’t tell you anything! Someone on a different sight gave me the link to this saying it was a walkrough, I’m confused!

  37. Kilie barnnett says:

    i cant seem to kill the deer what do i do after i pick up the stick?

  38. marco says:

    how i get past the mammoth????

  39. Chantalle says:

    i cant get past the tiger nd wolves! how do u do it? ?

  40. caroliney says:

    guys…i cant even get past the crocs…:( helllp

  41. some guy says:

    i finished… here are some answers

  42. some guy says:

    this game is not hard so yeah….. well hf gl (have fun) (good luck) and memix my walkthrough is good so yeah just follow the instructions and u will win

  43. Yufei says:

    The game requires lots of common sense!!!

  44. *.* says:

    cute. brutal, but cute. I guess that’s what it was like back in those days, eh? Kill or starve, kill or be killed.

  45. habib says:

    I just get a white screen, too.The link doesn’t work for me either.

  46. Fay says:

    cute game! :D

  47. julcek says:

    score 14640

  48. Louisa says:

    I really liked this game, it was great! I tried stoneage sam 2 but I couldn’t do it.

  49. Louisa says:

    I like the faces at the side of our comments.