Tipping Point: First Three Chapters Compilation

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Just a quick note to inform you that the three first chapters of the amazingly beautiful adventure series Tipping Point are now available in a single compilation sponsored by Bubblebox and FreeGamesNews!

In case you missed it, enjoy now the magical world of Tipping Point!

Have fun!

And in case you are looking for a walkthrough, here it is!

By Eric

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6 Comments to Tipping Point: First Three Chapters Compilation

  1. dreaming says:


  2. dreaming says:

    the graphics are really good

  3. alanna says:

    anyone on the second part?
    im stuck.

  4. Burneyy says:

    I dont get it…even with walktrough…

  5. grancarlo says:

    skip that chapter in main go to load then press 3 to skip chapter 2 and 1.

  6. FiestyGal says:

    Well, that was weird! I loved it. :)