Applicate Ver. 0

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ApplicateGood news for all Eyezmaze’s games fans! On has just released a new puzzle game on his site, Applicate, in which your goal is to take an apple to the exit. At the time of writing, there are only five levels to play. Applicate is a nice little diversion for a short break. Have fun!

By Eric

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4 Comments to Applicate Ver. 0

  1. Savari says:

    The game mechanic is a bit strange, but here are the rules:
    1. The cursor that clicks along the top of the screen is where your apples will drop.
    2. To drop an apple, click on an uneaten apple.
    3. To create your little “applicate”, drop a new apple on an uneaten apple.

    The goal is to get your “applicate” to the door. Hope that helps. :-)

  2. Savari says:

    Here’s a little walkthrough
    Level 1:

    Level 2:

    Level 3:

    Level 4:

    Level 5:

    Do you think that apple + replicant = applicant? Hmm…

    • barry says:

      you must have a different layout than the one i’n trying to get through… it can’t be done… they come out walking to the right, but they need to land on the block above the door, heading left – see screenshot

  3. strategyflashgames says:

    Up until level 5, I was finding it fairly easy going, once I mastered the game mechanism. But now I’m stuck. Very, very stuck :( Anyone have any hints?