Swap Job: better than Bejeweled?

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Swap JobSwap JobSwap Job is a Java game released by Mausland Entertainement and is inspired from the super popular puzzle game called Bejeweled.

The concept in Swap Job is nearly similar to Bejeweled and your interaction with the board is limited to swapping two adjacent tiles to lines up three or more of the same face in a row, which causes them to disappear from the board. With those tiles gone, everything else drops down, and new tiles fill in the holes at the top.

The matched tiles turn yellow, and the goal for each of the 50 levels or so is to turn every tile yellow. Each level is timed and must be completed within the specified time limit or the game ends. Use your mouse to select the tile you want to swap with another and use the jokers and the bombs wisely.

The crazy thing about Swap Job is that it’s extremely simple, even simpler than most other puzzle games. The game is very addictive and it’s not really a surprise, considering how many people are playing Bejeweled every day on PopCap Games website.

With really nice graphics and animations highlighted by a very entertaining music, Swap Job is a shameless clone of Bejeweled and definitely worth it.

Have fun!

Note: if you have never played Bejeweled before, just follow the link below.

Bejeweled Bejeweled

By Eric

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2 Comments to Swap Job: better than Bejeweled?

  1. Sharpfish says:

    It’s more like a Jewel Quest clone (that also has the “filling in of the background tile” mechanic) and it has always felt more addictive to fill something in as you play than just swap and match!

    Looks nice, but check out Jewel Quest, Big Kahuna Reef etc too for similar gameplay.

  2. Eric says:

    Sharpfish – You’re definitely right. Anyway, Jewel Quest ans Big Kahuna Reef are both commercials, and this one is free :)