Return to the THK58

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Return to the THK58Return to the THK58Return to the THK58 is the sequel to Escape from the THK58, a Room Escape game developed last year by Alexandre Timbro.

Sarah has just escaped from the spaceship THK58 in an escape pod. She is rescued by another spaceship and immediately decides to go back to the THK58 to check if there were any other survivors. Jack Zervus, a medical officer, will assist her in this dangerous mission!

Return to the THK58 features a nice 3D intro and is hopefully longer than the original game.

Have fun!

Update: Return to the THK58 walkthrough in comments #25 and #27 (thanks abolresh!)

By Eric

current rating 3.25


38 Comments to Return to the THK58

  1. black says:


  2. iceberg says:

    second and finished

  3. Martin says:

    Third? And finished too. Yay.

  4. Fanny says:

    Any hints would be appreciated.

  5. Fanny says:

    I cant get past that robot thingy after i’ve blown up the door

  6. lianski says:

    Well, so far found

    i killed two aliens on the 2nd floor, but cant reach the 3rd….

  7. Ciria says:

    hem… how

  8. tihana says:

    and done
    walkthrough coming up

  9. Ciria says:

    nevermind… got it ^^

  10. lianski says:

    @ tihana: good idea – some hints here and there will be very helpful :)

  11. Fanny says:

    tell me how to, ciria

  12. karacsi_maci says:

    we need a rocket launcher to kill the alien with wheel, just don’t know where is it.

  13. iceberg says:

    rocket launcher is

  14. goldilox says:

    Strange key doesn’t seem to fit strange door. the green key won’t go anywhere tried clicking every where around door lock. any 1 with ne idea?

  15. goldilox says:

    nvm was the orange key.. green was Show

  16. goldilox says:


  17. Susan says:

    And out…. what a cool game! Got whacked several times by the monsters but finally got the knack and blasted them all to Tehum…which, it seems, we’re headed for anyway!!!!

  18. me says:

    whats user and pass i cant find it?

  19. lena says:

    where is it

  20. nitrox says:

    done, too lazy to post walkthrough though… if nobody does by tomorrow i’ll try to post one if i dont forget

  21. Stalker says:

    Easy game…finished in approximately 20 minutes–no walkthrough.
    User: Show

    Password: Show

  22. Stalker says:

    I did not use any rocket launcher…I use the limited edition gun to kill it. Is that the rocket launcher???

  23. Mieke says:

    Can anybody tell me how to get rocket launcher. Can’t find the key to strange door/lock. Have green key. The alien with the wheel is hurting me. So I’m back in my room.
    Please help!

  24. Mieke says:

    Hi I’m back again, this is mieke I found the orange key and rocketlauncher killed the alien. Finished the game.
    Till next time.

  25. abolresh says:

    first time to add comment

    then stuck…………..:)

  26. 1tej1 says:

    the username or the password doesn’t work… what can I do?

  27. abolresh says:



  28. YeahYeah says:

    having trouble with metal arm? how do you find/get?

  29. abolresh says:

    to yeah yeah

    you can get the metalic arm from the bed on which there is a dead body, look at the water taps and turn left, click on the end of the bed you will get it.

  30. raphael says:

    didnt need and didnt find any metal arm to finish the game, where is the bed with the dead body? is this the room with a body attached on a tble with one missing leg??

  31. ryan the rat says:

    what is the username and password

  32. Don huan says:

    i can’t place the explosive -_-

  33. Mikey says:

    Easy game, 15 minutes no walkthroughs. YAY! :)

    Username = Show

    Password = Show

    No need for the rocket launcher, the double barrel is good enough as long as you’ve got a reasonably fast click!

  34. Mikey says:

    sorry ‘Stalker’ for pretty much taking your comment but some people still ask for username and password after you already gave it to them! just helping those who cant be bothered to read the help that is already there!

  35. SilentSnake says:

    wers the rocket launcher an metallic arm?

  36. usman says:

    wow ! hard game
    who agrees with me

    \~/ <—————- half glass of water

  37. hint notanswer says:

    perhaps someone would be so kind as to hint where/how user and password were found instead of just giving answer.

  38. ReBoot Fan says:

    We’re missing a chunk of hallway on the second floor. It is blocked by boxes when you go to the room where you activate the elevator. It should include a brief case and a wall panel as seen in the first game through the window of the corridor where your room is located.

    Next game?