SSSG: Super Sneaky Spy Guy – Deja Vu

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SSSG Deja VUSSSG Deja VUA new installment in the never ending Super Sneaky Spy Guy series was released at Melting-Mindz Games!

“Agent Sneaky was chosen by the Organization for a special mission. There have been a series of events that have jeopardized the Organization. You must enter an altered state of consciousness in order to return in the past.

Locate 10 portals and activate them. Once a portal is activated, it will take you to the location of the next one. These locations should look familiar if you played previous SSSG games.”

Have fun!

Update: SSSG: Super Sneaky Spy Guy – Deja Vu walkthrough in comment #68 (thanks Pa – Kudos to Tic!)

By Eric

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85 Comments to SSSG: Super Sneaky Spy Guy – Deja Vu

  1. monte says:

    have you figured out the portal on the level with the kid asking for gum?

  2. iceberg says:

    need help somewhere …just ask , but at the moment i’m having trouble posting , it just doesn’t work sometimes

  3. Pa says:

    I had problem too before posting, I haven’t figure it out ….still stuck at the pyramids

  4. iceberg says:

    from memory you need aShow

  5. Pa says:

    maybe we forgot something from the previous places, has anyone figured out the use of the light bulb?

  6. monte says:

    light bulb goes to the level with the pyramids. there is a lightpost next to the ‘mugger’ you get something for putting the light in

  7. Pa says:

    Arrrgh cannot find the key!!!!!!!

  8. monte says:

    i do not know how i got the key, but i went all the way to the threee men on the wall and click them in order i guess and then the key was in the middle of the table..

  9. Pa says:

    Thanks monte!!!!

  10. iceberg says:


  11. iceberg says:

    i’m up to the boat

  12. iceberg says:

    does anybody know what to do with the screwdriver

  13. Pa says:

    Back again what do have to give to the bird at the pyramids

  14. black says:

    what do you do at the snowmobile

  15. iceberg says:

    at the snow mobile

  16. iceberg says:

    finally!!! out with 60 crystals……
    the people who created this game are very very cruel :)

  17. see1play1 says:

    i cant find the second white ball which will give me a new key. any clue

  18. Pa says:

    Complete Walktrough taken from Escape Game 24 written from the member called Tic, thanks to her I could finished the last level :)
    1st stage walkthrough

    2nd stage

    3rd stage

    4th stage

    5th stage

    6th stage

    7th stage

    8th stage

    9th stage

    last level


  19. mimi says:

    where the hell is the lighter in the drawer?? i found the drawer and i’ve been clicking like crazy but no lighter. somebody write the **** walkthrough already!!!!

  20. Pa says:

    Walktrough on post number 68

  21. FD says:

    All the way to the very end and a game glitch leaves me with -3 gold keys. What a crock!!!

  22. captainmarko says:

    crazy.. I had -1 keys near the end so when i got that last key it said i had zero and now i can’t use the last portall…. and i had 60 shards,,darn,,,,

  23. Joe says:

    I got 69 crystals, but not the highest score, not sure whether there are still secret crystals or just because of time.

    The crystals are not that hard to find, just try somewhere that people may hide things.

  24. Robo says:

    i got -1 and someone say where all the balls are

  25. Robo says:

    -1 key i mean

  26. Robo says:

    what is with this a glitch??????????????????????????

  27. Jennie says:

    does anybody know where the diary is on the book shelf? ive click everysingle book about a billion times. am i missing something?

  28. goldilox says:

    Have -2 keys?.. can’t use last portal either..:( all this time wasted:(((

  29. Paul says:

    i did step 1 “go forward” then step 2 is “open drawer” there is a drawer on the left with items on but all it does is sit there and won’t pick up anything. how am i supposed to get a lighter if it won’t give it to me? what the heck? any ideas?

  30. maddie says:

    You all are so far ahead of me, I’m not even sure if we’re playing the same game.

    I’m still trying to figure out how to get dinner. :(

  31. eve says:

    can’t find the screwdriver. Anyone?????? I’m stuck, have all the rest and clicked everywhere but can’t find the screwdriver

  32. Victoria says:

    Help!!! ive been clicking in the drawer forever and im not getting any lighter

  33. Victoria says:

    nvm got it

  34. donna says:

    i have been on the last to the end step for an hour now it wont give me the screwdriver. help is anyone out there ??

  35. bady says:

    the password Show