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Dig ItDig ItDig It has nothing to do with the famous social site Digg. Your goal in this little puzzle game created by Puzzle 4u is to move the metal plates around and uncover the treasure box. Due to their weight, only one plate can be lifted at a time.

To pick up a plate, click it. Rotate the plate by clicking a neutral place or flip it over by dragging the plate outside the board and then clicking it.

If you are looking for a challenging puzzle game, Dig It is for you. Don’t forget to write down the passwords to continue the game later.

Have fun!

Play the full version here.

By Eric

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45 Comments to Dig It

  1. Habi says:

    did you finished lvl 8 already oO”?

  2. Habi says:


  3. Habi says:

    lvl 13 sucks D:
    nobody else playing :(?

  4. lianski says:

    i’m really stuck on lvl 10
    passwords for lvls 1-10 :

    pls, can u post a solution for 10?

  5. miacat says:

    I must admit that I’m not patient enough for this game…..

  6. lianski says:

    passed 10!

    now on for the next ones…

  7. marinilla says:

    code for #11 Show

  8. marinilla says:

    now #12 Show

    and #13 Show

    its really hard :S

  9. marinilla says:

    #14 Show

    #15 Show

  10. lianski says:

    # 15 is actually Show

    although this last levels are a bit cheesy (kese) ;-)

  11. marinilla says:

    #16 Show

    #17 Show

  12. lianski says:

    17 was really tough
    #18 Show

  13. marinilla says:

    lvl 17 ist impossibleee!! any hint?

  14. marinilla says:

    oopsss! i mean level 18, is too hard

  15. lianski says:

    to solve it the field should look like this

  16. marinilla says:

    i’ve got it!!!! now #19 Show


  17. lianski says:

    it seems i have somehow jumped over 19 and got


    Yeah! Finished!
    Thanks for the good company and support marinilla :)!

  18. marinilla says:

    lianski, if you click on the link, you’ll play more levels, now im stuck on #19 an di hope there are more.
    Thanks you too!! :D

  19. lianski says:

    Well, let’s give a try to the upper levels!
    #19 is hard for sure…

  20. lianski says:

    Finally… whew
    #20 Show

  21. lianski says:

    The trick for #20 is to

    #21 Show

  22. lianski says:

    #22 Show

  23. lianski says:

    #23 Show

  24. lianski says:

    #24 Show

    #25 Show

  25. lianski says:

    #26 Show

    #27 Show

  26. David says:

    need help with 8 please

  27. lianski says:

    well, i’m pretty much stuck on lvl 27
    i’ll be grateful if someone can crack it and share the pwd

  28. marije says:

    how do you finish level 8??

  29. marije says:

    i finished it

  30. David says:

    how did you do 8

  31. David says:

    I can’t believe how dumb I was being.

  32. NeraGufetta says:

    #27: solution Show

    #28: pwd Show

    I find the 28th level very hard to solve. Does anyone have a clue?

  33. NeraGufetta says:

    Level 28 solved! Show

    #29: Show

  34. cHAD says:

    I am so dumb. I have not gotten past lvl 1. I have been flipping for an hour. Pls Help

  35. niff says:

    NeraGufetta, Level 28

  36. Reka says:

    cHAD, for level 1: Show

  37. Reka says:

    (Ok, line wrap just totally messed that up. Show


  38. Doug says:

    Level 29 completed
    Code for level 30

  39. NeraGufetta says:

    I solved them up till 34.
    pwd 31: Show

    pwd 32: Show

    pwd 33: Show

    pwd 34: Show

    pwd 35: Show

  40. itay says:

    damn this 35 level!
    i know how it is suppose to be arrange… well.. only one way possible
    and i almost got there, but arrg. just doesnt work:)

    great game!

  41. fforde says:

    level 34 code should be

  42. Doug says:

    Level 35 completed !!!
    End of game

  43. Noug says:

    Stuck on the 13 !!! Any hint please???

  44. noiz says:

    Level 35… what a pointless game, it’s just a matter of seeing which piece can move and it always end up as it should.

    I prefer Sokoban !

  45. Vladimir says:

    Does anyone know where I can find the full version of the game?