Four Second Frenzy

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Four Second FrenzyFour Second FrenzyFour Second Frenzy was released the day before yesterday by John Cooney, the author behind Four Second Fury, and is available on his website,, as well as on, his leading sponsor.

In this brand new sequel to Four Second Fury, Cooney asked to 25 other developers/”artists” from all around the world (Europe, Usa, Canada, Taiwan) to join him and create in a collaborative effort this second episode of what is planned to be a trilogy.

50 microgames are implemented in the game: some of them are brilliant, some others require a bit of practice to get used to and a few are more obscure. The gameplay is identical to the original game: complete every microgame within four seconds and defeat the final boss. A tips and hints option was implemented and links to a Flash tutorial hosted at Armorgames: it is really helpful to figure out how to complete the most difficult microgames.

Three different modes are available:

  • The Normal mode: complete 20 randomly selected microgames with 7 lives and defeat the final boss.
  • The Endurance mode: same as the normal mode, except that you have to complete 50 microgames with 10 lives.
  • The Sudden Death mode: same as the endurance mode, except that you have only ONE life!

The result of this collaboration is a much more intense and various gameplay, thanks to the 50 microgames and the fast-paced techno music. My only complain would be about the presence of the game “Chainsaw the zombie”, which is “in bad taste”.

Overall, Four Second Frenzy is an impressive collective work and a great sequel, with more games and more fun. Will you be able to complete the Sudden Death mode?

Have fun!

Download size: 5Mb. Flash player 8 required.

By Eric

current rating 4.50


4 Comments to Four Second Frenzy

  1. jacob says:

    if its called four second frenzy then shouldnt it take less than that to load

  2. Luis says:

    Might someone please tell me how to get the techno music of the last boss in the game??
    It’s awesome xD

  3. Nicole says:

    WOW i have a good and fast computer and it takes forever to load

  4. Fred Fredrick(AKA FOUR SECONDS TO MASTER) says:

    My name is Fred and I think that four second frenzy is cooler than you. so there. go cry to your mum or something because I completed all 50 games without losing 1 life