Twelve Signs Vol. 3

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Twelve Signs Vol. 3Twelve Signs Vol. 3Twelve Signs Vol.3 is the third installment in a new Japanese Room Escape series, Twelve Signs.

Once again, you are locked in an unknown room and you have no idea how to get out of here!

I’m totally stuck and the language barrier doesn’t help…

Have fun!

Update: Twelve Signs Vol. 3 walkthrough in comment 19 (thanks Reka! – via Nordinho)

By Eric

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27 Comments to Twelve Signs Vol. 3

  1. fistngore says:

    first! gonna try it now

  2. fistngore says:


  3. rogermoure says:

    i ve got 5 balls with sign, 2 black paper with chinese signs, 2 keys (1 red and 1 green (that open the chest), 2 batteries and a ball with a fire sign

  4. rogermoure says:

    erf spoiler i made a mistake ith the spoiler, sorry

  5. kaozz says:


  6. Mary says:


  7. Alice says:

    I’m just as far as you are, plus that i got two black papers and I think need a third one. Don’t know where to use the green key either. Have clicked everywhere by now I think ;)

  8. Mary says:

    and you can

    the green key Show

  9. Alice says:

    oh yes i mean the red key indeed;)
    I noticed as well that there is one statue missing… And I think that there might be still something hidden in the golden statues, at least, that is what i expect:)

  10. Mary says:

    There is something with that virgo statue… it’s the only thing nothing done with, so it’s suspective XD

  11. fartpilot says:

    [/I’ve got everything and used it all exept the three black notes and I still can’t get out … can anyone help me ??]

  12. leafrog says:

    where is the Show

  13. leafrog says:

    NM, got everything, but can’t get out.

  14. txgirl says:

    The flame disc

  15. txgirl says:

    The other disc

  16. txgirl says:

    The sixth yellow ball

  17. txgirl says:

    The red key

  18. Reka says:

    I too have everything, used everything, but I can’t figure out the password. Anybody read Japanese?

  19. Reka says:


    The only thing left is to figure out the password. I found the following password on another site: Show

    (First posted by Doradora to nordinho, I believe.) Unfortunately, I have NO IDEA how to figure out the password from the clues given. Which is too bad, because it was a good game up until this point.

  20. Jeff says:

    As soon as I turn right the arrows are gone and I can’t do anything!

  21. Reka says:

    Ok, found an explanation of how to derive the password.


  22. Reka says:

    Whoops, forgot to give credit where it’s due: both the translation (by Norway) and the explanation (by Helanren) were posted to the nordinho forums.

  23. goldilox says:

    Hey I have everything except.. Does anyone know where to find the last zodiac sign for the (i) ?.. have all slots in inventory filled except that and all the seen and unseen zodiac boxes..

  24. goldilox says:

    thanks for the walk throuogh . IS how I found last sign . ( lol side of box with kneeling guy

  25. miacat says:

    it’s a little frustrating when you have to give up because of the language barrier after having managed to find all items on your own…:(

  26. Alucard says:

    I don’t know if any of you noticed, but this guy just made and scape game based on Saint Seiya, one of the most famous Japanese animation known. The ‘statues’ are really the Golden Clothes in their natural form when they are not being used by the Golden Saints, I’m really happy to find something like this.

    Long live Kurumada!

    Yes I know, I’m a silly fanatic XD

  27. rachel says:

    i try clicking the Scorpio picture but nothing happening, but am i missing?