Mild Escape – Escape from the Room

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Mild Escape - Escape from the RoomAnother Japanese Room Escape game is live! In Mild Escape, you are trapped in a sort of kitchen with a fridge full of food and a nice flat TV. If you can’t figure out how to escape this room, turn on the TV, grab a beer from the fridge and enjoy the show (just kidding)! Have fun!

Update: Mild Escape – Escape from the Room walkthrough in comment #52 (thanks  stupefyin, Laila and J!)

By Eric

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  1. Laila says:

    To get TV code: Show

    glass Show

    For the paper and pan, you must first: Show

    paper Show

    pan Show

  2. J says:

    OK, complete walkthrough — thanks, stupefyin and Laila!

  3. AZ says:

    I need to know if there is a happy coin ending for this game, i’ve searched everywere and the only thing i haven’t used is the broken knob in the stove and some thing in the stove that I just can open and close