The Roslin Station

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The Roslin StationIf you are a fan of the LOST series, go check out The Roslin Station at Newgrounds. The “game” is pretty short and straightforward (thanks to the TAB key), but the soundtrack is great and the ending is brutal, to say the least. Brrr… scary! Click the “Play this game!” link to launch the game. Have fun !

By Eric

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21 Comments to The Roslin Station

  1. wendydarling says:

    Made it through a couple stations, then Show

    I wonder if there’s more…off to play again.

  2. tusa says:

    I keep getting Show

    I’m going to check some other sights and see what others have done

  3. tusa says:

    Nordinho doesn’t have any mare then we got here.

  4. Jeff says:

    Yep, same thing happens to me. Nice graphics. Reminds me a bit of the “game” 99 rooms. I wonder where all the pictures cames from? I’d love to know how to make games like these! I’d love a walkthrough just to explore and see how it was done.

  5. thor94 says:

    I am dead too, by a people on a tower

  6. Alex says:

    Don’t understand the purpose of this game…………….

  7. Palometa says:

    I don´t understand this game. it´s a game??

  8. Palometea says:

    shot shot shot, alwyas shot.

  9. Ciria says:

    ……. weird game… but is it really a game?!?
    Anyway.. the pictures are very beautiful!

  10. Zhor says:

    If you love The Lost then you will love this straight forward Game/Story thingy… There is no alternate ending (For now :D)…

  11. danomano65 says:

    Zhor, i appreciate that. I made that game. It was for school. Never thought people would be talking about it on walkthrough sites. I may have a sequel. It’ll start at the station’s exit and u’ll have the options of going left or right. The left will shoot u again, right will lead to another station. but that’ll be a while.


  12. goldilox says:

    After all that walking and suspense?… Show

  13. Jeff says:

    Is there a point or a walkthrough? I just keep ending up in the same place and getting shot……

  14. noah says:

    I am stuck in this place and I can’t get out in the book that I read says that I am in the cloning facility I can’t get out!! I am so confused.

  15. noah says:

    SOME1 PLZ HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Thijs says:


  17. Maurice says:

    I got out, there’s a sub waiting at the end.

  18. Hodrien09 says:

    at the start turn right to the tower then go down there by the door the is an arrow pointin left go down there and straight on then by the house go right keep goin straight then im stuck from there

  19. Toshiro says:

    What submarine???? where the hell is it?!?!

  20. maria says:

    i do not understand how to grab the elements.. Edit: ****

  21. Bingo says:

    Is this game about plants that can kill??? I saw the scary pitures. I don’t dare to play it alone.