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TroyisTroyisTroyis is an action puzzle game released by the Spanish developer Guillem de San Pedro at the end of August 2005. The goal here is to fill all the white squares of each level by landing on them with your knight, using the Chess knight movement rule.

For people who are not familiar with Chess, a valid move for a knight is two squares forward horizontally or vertically and then one square up or down (left or right respectively) relative to the forward move. Just watch the very well done tutorial in the start window of the game to understand how to move if I didn’t make me clear.

Simply click with your mouse the square you want your knight lands on. Note that you can only move your knight on white or previously visited squares.

The author added a timer countdown for each level, and your knight has to land at least once on every white square within the time allowed, or the game ends. Difficulty is very well managed, with a larger board for each new level, always trickier to solve within the time limit.

With a nice general presentation and a simple and addictive gameplay, Troyis is another very interesting puzzler for all people, from 7 to 77 years old! Have fun!

Note: you can play with Troyis for 15 minutes every day for free. You can also purchase a code to play for an unlimited time.

By Eric

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  1. Eskalator says:

    TROYIS !!!! nice name and excelent game!!!!! Very addictive puzzle game… the best original game I played since Tetris!!!!

    Thanks for the link!!! :)