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KavalmajaKavalmajaKavalmaja is the latest puzzle game created by Tonypa. Your goal in Kavalmaja is to collect the 50 yellow diamonds in order to (eventually) get to the maze’s exit.

Use the arrow keys to move, move onto blue blocks to toggle some walls, avoid red blocks that harm you.

Be warned, it’s not that easy!

Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 4.50


23 Comments to Kavalmaja

  1. wendydarling says:


  2. wendydarling says:

    Ok, when others join, I can’t get anywhere after the first diamond! Any ideas?

  3. martin says:


  4. Reka says:

    I played this a couple of days ago (it was linked from jayisgames), and it’s frustrating as hell. There’s a so-called walkthrough at jayisgames, but even that didn’t help. I finally gave up at around 25 coins (I had three lives and five special powers at that point) after I accidentally pressed “new game” instead of “load game”.

  5. David says:

    another game my special keyboard won’t work in

  6. rosie says:

    how do i get past the gray blocks??

  7. Polpo says:

    The ones with the shapes in the center need a special ‘key’
    And the one with the kinda open center can be pushed or pulled after you get the respective powerups. The farthest left powerup lets you push them while the one to the right of it lets you pull the blocks.

  8. Reka says:

    The blue thingies act as switches, usually switching wall bits off and on. Note that all switches are reset when you leave a room, so often, once you leave, you can’t come back (at least not the same way).

  9. Gena says:

    Ok, I’m totally stuck. I have 2 tools (push and square), 2 lives and 20 diamonds. I can’t find any way to get to other parts of the map. I don’t see any other tools that I just can’t reach or anything.


    Any advice?

  10. roger says:

    i got 50 diamonds but now what?

    the games not that hard its just tough to figure out.

    does anyone know the game that you play as a little kid inside a computer or something that slides on ice similar to this game?

  11. Ciria says:

    I’ve got 50 diamonds too! yeeeh! great game…


  12. Manesh says:

    I accidentally clicked New Game when I had 48 diamonds = SUCK

    Please people dont do the same thing because I was enjoying the game so much! If I ever can be bothered, I will go back replay the whole thing :)

  13. Scroll says:

    Got the 50 pieces. But where is the exit ?

  14. Reka says:

    Gena, there are actually several identical rooms with teleporters. Pay attention to the room number near the top right of the screen.

  15. leifczerny says:

    Anyone found the exit yet?

  16. leifczerny says:

    The lower teleporters in e-0 get you to e-0, the upper left to f-0. the upper left and the lower right in f-0 get you back to a-3, the lower right gets you to

  17. leifczerny says:

    a-3 as well.

  18. no name says:

    wheres the walkthrough jeez

  19. Rema says:

    PLEASE HELP! I can’t even get past anything with only 2 diamonds. I don’t get it!

  20. (|-_-|) says:

    help, i cant find the exit, does anybody know where it is

  21. (|-_-|) says:

    found it Show

    • JLynx says:

      liiieeessss. i went through all of them and i still cant figure out how to end this game! -.-