Bad Reception

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Bad ReceptionBad ReceptionBad Reception is another Room Escape game developed by Dom Chapman, the author of the previously reviewed E-Scape, DIY Escape, Locked In, Stuck Inside, the Trapped Series and the Puzzled series.

“Some thugs are trying to break into the room. You need to look for a way to find help.”

Don’t forget to press the spacebar if you want to put an item away! Hopefully this one is less buggy than E-Scape!

Have fun!

Bad Reception walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks mammy!)

By Eric

current rating 2.00


42 Comments to Bad Reception

  1. mr. beer says:


  2. mona says:

    that was a 5 min game – out!!

  3. lalaa says:

    I found keys, phone, batery, some strange thing, get code with fax and some white thing.. and stuck

  4. lalaa says:

    phone + batery + code = no network.. stuck..

  5. mammy says:

    easy…I am out…

  6. mammy says:



  7. lalaa says:


  8. Irid says:

    I got stuck on the very last part, the number to call >.>

  9. fedayin says:

    You have to look at the fan to make a call

  10. phillip says:


  11. Azura says:

    Irid… CALL 911

  12. marjo says:

    easy quick game

  13. laughingpoodle says:

    short and sweet!

  14. SKULL says:


  15. soconfused says:

    i cant find the battery!!! grrrr

  16. xXxsammyxXx says:

    sweet thankyou, completed it as well xxx

  17. missymoo says:

    this is the quickest game ive ever seen

  18. missymoo says:



  19. Coinnoe says:


  20. mohamed says:

    im at the fan i have the phone and still no network

  21. purplestar says:

    someone help me!
    i cant put the peas on the heat sensor,
    please help :(

  22. Victoria says:

    SO EASY took two minutes MY GOSH

  23. Kathleen says:

    where are the peas?

  24. Help says:

    what is the code

  25. Iz says:

    It says the phone needs a code to unlock it. Where do you get the code?

  26. UGH says:

    i cant find the adaptor!!!

  27. aag says:

    done everything, but no network to call number :S

  28. torrie says:

    Okay, go to Show

  29. lei says:

    how do i flatten the paper? it won’t flatten.

  30. Dani says:

    lmfao. I got all the way done but then couldn’t figure out what number to use. nice.

  31. guru brown says:


  32. ashlay says:

    it doesnt work

  33. ashlay says:

    got it

  34. ZeKe says:

    jajaja way too easy…

  35. bob fredfredburger says:

    5 seconds

  36. Bobalina says:

    SO EASY! Just call 999!


  37. 999!!!! says:

    why does everyone say you have to call 911 … while it is 999 just as bobalina says ….

  38. napkinbob says:

    I called 911, it works just fine, they probably both do since 999 and 911 are both emergency codes in different countries.

  39. Ellianna says:

    Here is the walkthrough;

  40. ace says:

    this was hella easy

  41. ace says:

    does any one know any other games like this

  42. Cookie says:

    112 the international emergency code doesn’t work as i discovered