Riddle School 3

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Riddle School 3Riddle School 3, “the biggest, hardest, and best Riddle School of the three” is live! “Help Phil escape from the high school using all of your point-and-click adventure game knowledge.” Click on the “play this game” link and enjoy this new episode! Have fun!

Riddle School 3 walkthrough in comment #33 (thanks dog!)

By Eric

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  1. archie1212 says:

    you should take the glasses and give the libarian
    try to get money and buy a pudding and feed it to chubby

  2. arlene says:

    i played it twice and Show

  3. Christyy says:

    Its really fun. You have to clog the boys toilet, give the glasses to the librarian, buy pudding from the cafeteria (chubby’s mom, lol), and more! Open the locker, the combo is backwards thou..lol

  4. critique says:

    i cant get the dime in the janitor’s

    • Angel says:

      go to the men’s rom then open the toilet after that click the toilet paper then put it in the toilet then click the flush the janitor will be there then you can get tha quarter

  5. Ombre445 says:

    Can’t combine gum and ruler. help

  6. Anonymous says:

    I won! Don’t do it two times in a row.

    • jahmina says:

      what happens if you do?

      • Lil Lo says:

        i read that a monkey doll will be starring at you and in tthe library on the game the poem book said

        “do not play riddle school 3 2 times stright or
        you will meet a certine fate”

        sorry:( if my spelling is off iskipped school ALOT like phil just kidding:)but sercily i am not a good speller.

      • Lil Lo says:

        this is the real poem

        RS3 secret


      • J-ness says:

        You will get sucked into the game! lol

  7. zach says:

    wats combination

  8. Andi says:

    Help! I let Richy out before I had the Science Rocks button. I now have the button but can’t find Richy anywhere. Do I need to start the game over? Grrrr. Thank you!

  9. mohsen says:

    i tried to put the password backwords but it does not work

  10. rs3 says:

    first got the ruler and then spin the globe until you see a pink gum attach it to the ruler and the go to the vent or the heater and then you will see a ruberband then get it so you can throw it to the teachers face and u will take the glasses give it to the librarian so he will give you the free bookmark and that’s all i know so peace

  11. rs3 says:


    your welcome

  12. sonicstar1 says:

    thanks rs3 u reily helped me because i finished the game. THANKS!!!!!

  13. Gibby says:

    I have been possessed by the monkey doll….

  14. chubchub says:

    I cant find the last nickle HELP!!!!

  15. colz says:

    how do you combine the ruler and chewing gim??

  16. jackson says:

    you drag the gum icon on the ruler and then clik the icon and drag it to the airvent and then drag the rubber band icon on to the teachers glases get the glasses by cliking on them go to the liberry and drag the glasses icon on to the person

  17. jackson says:

    thats how you do it colz ok?

  18. alziop says:

    I got 20345£ beat that

  19. katelynn says:

    can someone plz tell me where all the coins are?

  20. iarugiaperg says:

    OMG it wnt let me giv the button to richy!!!

  21. jessica says:

    i won it once.

  22. gas says:

    theres a new riddle school called riddle school 5

  23. gas says:

    its the most hardest riddle school try it

  24. erin says:

    how you open richys locker wats the #

  25. smilygirl16 says:

    why is it so impossible to get the chewing gum and ruler to combine? :(

    • gamelol2 says:

      lol idk i guess it dosent work 4 most ppl.. go to newgrounds and try it i think it will work i think jonbro said in his walkthrough Show

    • blah says:

      i had to change the quality to L to get the gum on the ruler… try that if you havn’t

    • Kiara says:

      If you read JonBro’s description of the game on his website it says that combining items is not compatible with all the computers so you might have to try using the website newgrounds

  26. gamelol2 says:

    im not sure what happens what the monkey doll does… most ppl say it stares u, and some even say it posesses u.. does it do both? im confused. and where is the monkey doll anyways

  27. gamelol2 says:

    Walkthrough: Show

  28. gamelol2 says:

    well right now ill play and then again without refreshing Show

    fun game and easy to beat.

  29. gamelol2 says:

    lol Show

  30. gamelol2 says:

    guys Show

  31. gamelol2 says:

    well i beat it the first time Show

  32. gamelol2 says:

    guys flyin pigs Show

  33. gamelol2 says:

    oh noez ive been possesed by a monkey doll

  34. blah says:

    dude, i cant get through the game!!! HELP!

  35. Sarah says:


  36. daisy says:

    where can the last nickel be found?

    • daisy says:

      I searched walkthrough riddle school 3, it says that there is a nickel that can be found inside of one of the cabinets in the teacher’s lounge, but I can’t find it!!! please help…

      • chris says:

        i can not find the money to get the pudding for Chubb HELP ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. eq says:

    This message is for those who can’t make it for the combination:

    hope it can help you:D

  38. hyacinth says:

    Help! I cant find the last coin!

  39. hannah tom wong says:

    where are all the nickels and cents?! cause its driving me crazy!!!

  40. hannah tom wong says:

    forget about what i said.