Esklavos – Chapter 14

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Esklavos - Chapter 14Esklavos - Chapter 14Esklavos – Chapter 14 is live! This new installment in the Esklavos series took Federico Rutenberg a month to develop.

Ungo and Noreina did a great job to neutralize the watchtower. The army is now in the plain of Akea, waiting for the battle. But there are not enough crystals to load the shields.

Help Ungo and Noreina find the Great Aisil buried in an old mine!

Have fun!

Update: Esklavos 14 walkthrough in comment #6 (thanks Ace32!)

By Eric

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26 Comments to Esklavos – Chapter 14

  1. pinwheel says:

    Just started… and I’m already stuck, I have the shovel and the animal call melody and I dug up the ground with the shovel, now what?

  2. nicolasmacs says:


    I’ve Show


  3. pinwheel says:

    ok I just got the beatle by playing the animal call in a hole,and in the same hole I also got a bottle, put the bottle of liquor on the pile of ground and got mud now i’m stuck again.

  4. Andy says:

    Okay, I’ve dug some ground up to reveal a small crack. I’ve gotten a couple birds to poke theirs heads out of holes… but so far, I’m pretty stuck.

  5. Andy says:

    How’d you get the animal call melody? The only place I can use the flute is on Ungo.

  6. Ace32 says:



  7. [email protected] Kong says:

    we needto play four time “water” instead of “water domination” to switch off the mechanism.

  8. shaz says:

    im not quick enough with clicking hole on tree then her then bird.

  9. pinwheel says:

    Thanks alot Carrollyim!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I got confused with the Walkthrough now i beat it!!!! THANK YOU!!!!!:{)

  10. Ace32 says:

    Shaz no need to beat bird. Click her and then the flute on the hole in the left tree.

  11. pOlo says:

    where is the key?

  12. pt21 says:

    four time water is not in the book

  13. carm says:

    I have problems giving beetle to lizard then clicking her. Not quick enough and I restarted 3 times. Is there a trick? I know I can’t go beyond unless i do empathy song.

  14. carm says:

    nevermind I didn’t know I could get more beetles.

  15. mango says:

    where is the key?

  16. mango says:

    the key is Show

  17. Emz says:

    i have the Show

    what am i doing wrong??

  18. Paul says:

    EMZ i have having the same problem. i placed the lizard all over the place in the door and he won’t go in. anyone have any ideas?

  19. tal says:

    you don’t place it,just let the girl click on it and she would do it

  20. DD says:

    Can’t get the lizard. Doing everything according to this and another walkthrough I found (basically the ame) on ANY NEW IDEAS PEOPLE?

  21. DD says:

    I give up! What’s the”Animal Empathy” song?

  22. DD says:

    NO! Noridena does NOT place the lizard ANYWHERE! You click on it, then her, or her, then it and she shrugs her shoulders! WTH

  23. Kayla says:

    the quite aggravating lizard:


  24. pt player says:

    wat is the water music??????????

  25. Neorg says:

    There is no “water music”. Show

  26. rABiD says:

    Thank you Kayla!!! That was the answer we needed.