Even More Bloons

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Even More BloonsEven More BloonsEven More Bloons, the latest installment of the never ending Bloons series created by Stephen Harris, is live! Even More Bloons introduces a new bloon type, the helium bloon as well as the angled rubber block.

Even More Bloons offers 50 new levels and players should be able to create their own new levels soon, thanks to the updated editor that is currently not available on the site.

How long will it take before we can play Bloons Player Pack 4? Who knows…?

Have fun!

Even More Bloons video walkthrough!

By Eric

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416 Comments to Even More Bloons

  1. CAM says:

    Ok, here is what you do for level 23. Show

  2. Nick says:

    Level 18 only gives you two darts. i hit both pink nail balloons but it leaves one.


  3. Jeff says:

    Level 38 (Howibble) please!

  4. elisia says:

    I need help with level 16!!

  5. T.N says:

    I need help on lvl33 Diamond Mine

  6. meg says:

    need help with lvl 38 please

  7. Shakira says:

    need help with level 10?

  8. Trisinz says:

    lvl 38 howibble:


  9. nun ya says:

    i need help with level 10 plzzzz

  10. lilmama123 says:

    help on 33 PLEASE

  11. Ruth says:

    help on 19 pleez

  12. amber says:

    level 26 anyone????

    i’ve worked on it for at least an hour!!!!!

  13. stuck says:

    Help on Level 16??