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CoilCoil is a game “with no instructions or clear direction” designed by Edmund McMillen and Florian Himsl. Just use your mouse to interact. Grow and evolve in a peaceful world supported by an excellent soundtrack. Coil is a very short game (too short) and it is very well done! Have fun!

By Eric

current rating 3.25


38 Comments to Coil

  1. BoomBoxer says:

    First and gonna play it

  2. BoomBoxer says:

    Why doesnt it load! ):

  3. Eric says:

    @ BoomBoxer – Oops, Sorry about that! Link updated. It should work now.

  4. louise says:

    this is sooo weird, but i reli like it

  5. Fanny says:

    Dont get it. Is it still loading? Just a black circle with arrows in it…

  6. cyberwurst says:

    i need a walkthrough. no really. i’m playing the evolution of a baby and i’m stuck at the second level. plz help. an awesome game here.

  7. louise says:

    for the beginning you have to circle the words, you will constantly have to do this in the poem cut scene’s.

  8. Fallen says:

    I didn’t like it so much :/

  9. Wazoo says:

    how do you get past the 2nd stage?

  10. fran says:

    first stage Show

    2nd stage Show

    3rd stage ??? didnt get it yet Show

  11. Ben says:

    3rd stage:

  12. fran says:

    4th stage Show

    5th stage Show

  13. BoomBoxer says:

    okay. its still not loading for me. sigh. maybe its my internet’s problem???

  14. Rae says:

    Ok I understand what you’re supposed to do in stage two but HOW do you do it?Show

  15. Snowman says:

    Alright, I’ve done pretty well, but I’m having some problems with Stage 5. Help???

    • Carol says:

      I can’t get passed the 6th stage. I can’t move my little guy so he can chase the other one. I’ve shot it like one thousand times. Help?!?

  16. JT says:


    1st stage Show

    2nd stage Show

    3rd stage Show

    4th stage Show

    5th stage Show

    6th stage Show

    7th stage Show

    That’s the end. Congratulations?

  17. Mannequin says:

    5th Stage Show

    I *think* that’s what it was that did it…

    6th Stage Show

    7th Stage Show

  18. Snowman says:

    Alright everyone, thank you for your help. :) I will now write another walkthrough, (in case anyone wants it.)
    Level 1 (Easy)

    Level 2 (Medium)

    Level 3 (Hard)

    Level 4 (Easy)

    Level 5 (Medium)

    Level 6 (Easy)

    Level 7 (Hmm…)

    Coil is a weird, strange game. But it is fun!

  19. Romanov says:

    Somebody has gotta help me with level 7 ive read your guids but they aren’t helping. I dont know what to do.

  20. LightBulb says:

    Romanov, I had to rotate the cursor for at least 45 seconds before anything happened.

  21. yooy says:

    wow im never going to have dirty sex with paris hilton or jeesica alba again

  22. Coban3 says:

    strange game, but slightly fun…i wish it moved a bit faster, and was longer

  23. Pea says:

    The end is a let down, all that time and it just goes back to the menu!

  24. josh says:

    i still cant get past the load screen can someone say i detail how to do it

  25. Shelbyy says:

    um yeah. level 6 takes me about ten million years

  26. Eli says:

    level 2 is undo able….. they WONT separate, just when you think you have it, they combine and get all jumbled up, its to hard to do. Any tricks?

  27. jackie says:

    No for real… I have been circling my mouse around the part that says “loading coil coil is a game with no instruction or clear direction.please keep an open mind when playing” NOTHING IS HAPPENEING!

  28. Ross says:

    Ok i have the walk through! The Game is basicly about producing a baby :S YEA WEIRD OR WHAT!

    every time you see a circle with arows on it folow it with your mouse…

    Stage 1

    Stage 2

    Stage 3

    Stage 4


    Stage 5

    Stage 6

    Emm Thanks for reading and emm well somehow have fun with this game!

  29. atahsina says:

    i cannot seperate the colors in stage two. the more i seperate the more they stick together. cannot keep them apart. please help..

  30. Laila says:

    That was weird…. Had my 8 year old daughter next to me… Oops!

  31. sai-the critic! says:

    hey, i need a list of the poems that appeared after every time you beat a level.anyone have one? ive searched the internet but no luck. and,too add onto that, the game wont load for my computer. help?

    i,also, for one would like to say that this game was *beautiful*.disturbing,yes, but the poems are ungraspingly creative, and makes you think as you dase at the screen reading it. bravo, coil makers!

  32. sai-the critic! says:

    also, (i forgot to type the rest) the last level (water-ish,dark,and your baby-thing is squished in the egg of whatever) is supposed to resemble that your baby died, drowning, committing suicide! my and my sister thought that up when we were playing it together.

  33. Marcos says:

    The end is weird. It’s like the level one, but the sperm doesn’t have a head. Also, he dies later, trying to fecundate.

    Sorry for my english, im Argentine.


    P.D: I’ve enjoyed the game. It wasn’t that difficult.

  34. Chantelle says:

    Actually, when it goes back to the so-called ‘menu’ you have to circle your mouse again, and there’s yet another stage. It’s really weird, though, and I haven’t gotten past it yet cause


  35. Elliot says:

    i know exackly what to do but it still won’t let me past stage 2