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SquarebloxSquarebloxSquareblox is a puzzle Flash game created by Alexander Sligur that takes some critical thinking skills to master. The goal of the game is to get the ball to the exit, which is blocked by a gate until you collect all of the coins on the way to the exit. The goal of the game sounds really easy, but of course it is not.

Players must guide the ball to the exit by bouncing the ball of blocks that are on the board. The ball will always turn right when it hits an object, unless it is not able to turn right then it will turn left. If the ball can’t turn right or left, then it will turn around and go back the way it came.

Players use arrows to move the blocks in such a way that the ball will hit the blocks and make it to the exit. The arrows and the number of arrows are provided at the beginning of each level. Players have to use the allotted arrows to reach the exit. The arrows are colored and will move the corresponding colored block(s). Some times the arrows are going up and other times they are going right. The ball needs to bounce off of the blocks and head to the exit, but before the ball makes it to the exit, all of the coins on the board must be collected. The coins open the exit so there is no point in making the ball reach the exit until all of the coins are collected.

The levels start out fairly simple and the beginning levels are mainly used as tutorials to get the player use to playing the game. After the first few levels, the game gets more challenging. It becomes more difficult to get the ball moving in the correct direction and collect all of the coins on the way to the exit.

Squareblox is a really fun game, but for me it got challenging. It was challenging, but not impossible and the challenge aspect made the game fun. Check out Squareblox if you like logical puzzle games.

Have fun!

By Jennifer

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13 Comments to Squareblox

  1. Reka says:

    Completely stuck on level 24. Anyone know if there are any walkthroughs or hints for this?

  2. Insanus says:

    yay im helping!

    i suggest not looking at the solution, its more fun to find out on your own



    onto the next levels!

  3. Shard says:

    Some help on level 16 please? I’m stuck!

  4. reece says:

    i need help on level 4!

  5. dan918 says:

    need help on lvl 20!!!!! Reka plz tell me!

  6. dan918 says:

    anybody there????
    plz help me w/ lvl 20!!!! im going nuts

  7. dan918 says:


  8. ashley says:

    any help on level 6?

  9. pat says:

    has anyone come up with a walkthrough for squareblox yet?

  10. Anne says:

    Creator of the game, Alexander Sligur !!! Please, write a walkthrough!
    The game needed a play-back button for us to write a walkthrough.
    I got stuck on level 29 for a week and then gave up! Also tried to open another window to play the game again from the beginning, but …..could not do this without losing my current game.
    I really loved the challenge of this game !

  11. NumbNuts says:

    Anybody done level 20? Could really do with some help with this one

  12. columan says:

    Incomplete Walkthrough, up to level 28, ran out of time to do the rest (Sorry Anne, if I get back to it and no one else has listed it I’ll get #29). Maybe someone else can post it and the next levels?

    Levels 1-7

    Levels 8-14

    Levels 15-21

    Levels 22-28

  13. Insanus says:

    huh…people still play this?
    i quit a while ago cuz no matter how hard i tried i couldnt get past level 52. to think i was 4 levels shy of finishing…sigh..

    and in advance, im sorry i didnt do like columan and write down the solutions…