Hana Koala Escape

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Hana Koala EscapeHana Koala EscapeHana Koala Escape aka Kashikoku Escape is a new Japanese Room Escape game by IDAC, the creator of JOBpico and many other Room Escape games.

This game is an advergame made for a Japanese car insurance company and is only available in Japanese.

I’m impressed by the number of electronic locks you can find in this room!

Have fun!

Please be patient while the game is loading…

Update: Hana Koala Escape walkthrough in comment #40 (thanks Reka!)

By Eric

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52 Comments to Hana Koala Escape

  1. shaz says:

    was visiting site on the comp in game but that dam japanes writing totally threw me

  2. peepod says:

    THIS SUCKS!!!!!!!!! Not the game – the game is friggin AWESOME! But I think mine is glitchy! I have tried a MILLION times it seems like with the DVD player. There’s NO AD when I put the DVD in. It just automatically gives white snow.

    The computer part was total awesomeness as well! Very clever to make us use a computer on the computer!! Now – do the symbols change each time as well, because I’m getting frustrated right about now. I hate when some glitch happens – drives me mad. Like someone else – I was all the way through just fine til the computer part. I wish they made english versions of all the games, not that they make em english exclusively. But – hey, all our games don’t come in foreign languages either so – I guess all is fair in love and gaming. :)